Sabine Asgodom – with great serenity and humour among the “101 most important women in the German economy“

24. August 2020 – Katharina Schlangenotto

If you want to describe Sabine Asgodom as one of the great German keynote speakers, this automatically leads to a longer list: journalist, coach, author, speaker, entrepreneur – and football referee. Oh yes, and on Bavarian television she had her own TV show for two years, namely “Sabine Asgodom”.

Sabine Asgodom – the down to earth lady with great ambitions

She has published more than 30 books and her lectures always convince through an impressive – and captivating – mix of humour and serenity.

There is no shortage of awards, for example the Financial Times Deutschland voted her among the “101 most important women in the German economy” and in 2010 she was awarded with the Federal Cross of Merit on Ribbon of the Federal Republic of Germany.

In an interview with the IHK magazine Cologne, she once discussed the topic of “Failure”. Her impulse was:

“Dare to fail, try something out, risk making a fool of yourself. Act, learn, improve! Failing makes you clever!”

The power woman has founded several companies in her life, among others Asgodom Live, the Asgodom Coach Academy GmbH and the Asgodom Inspiration Company. She deals with the fields of motivation and life support. In an interview with Münchner Merkur, she once talked about parallels between soccer and business. One of her messages was:

… A parallel is „The ability to stand up again after falling. Or how important team spirit is for success. We also learn from soccer that everybody can make mistakes: If a striker only ever shoots at the goal when he feels there is a 100% chance of scoring, his track record will be much worse than if he dares to also take a shot that might miss.”

She describes herself as a professional encourager. As a young journalist, Sabine Asgodom once agreed on a contract that led to 500 Euros less compared to her colleagues. Today she knows

“Asking for not enough will diminish your own value.“

Apparently, these times are long in the past. As part of her business she pushes both the assistant and board member level to succeed at public appearances, a promotion within the company or to kick-off a freelance work.

In an interview with a Munich lifestyle magazine, she once was asked what her maximum potential would be. And to be honest – is anybody surprised by her answer, which is: Becoming Federal President of Germany in order to meet people from all over the world, to encourage people – and occassionally to kick their asses.

And what would qualify her for this job? Here is her answer: “You have to be human and bright in the head and be able to hold speeches. That all applies to me. I was also married to an African, so I have some intercultural know-how. I speak English, have been self-employed for ten years, have been employed and unemployed. I have worked as a business woman, have been involved in politics and I was a trade unionist. So this is actually a super mixture.”

As a professional encourager, Sabine Asgodom has also taken on the COVID 19 challenge and turned it into a success story: currently she is concentrating on her painting and successfully sells her mostly abstract art.

Sabine Asgodom

Sabine Asgodom - The Coach with Soul!