A woman in AI: Dalith Steiger – a powerful inspiration for the world

16. September 2021 – Katharina Schlangenotto

Let’s take a look at power woman Dalith Steiger from the private side first. There, the in Isreal born Dalith is a mother of two teenager girls and, as she says with sparkles in her eyes, is very proud of them. Also, she loves to be with friends and needs her regular workouts in the field of sports. Well, that does not come as a surprise really, as you can easily tell that she she was obviously born with a big portion of energy.

Taking a look at her business life, there seems to be a bit of a contrary at first sight. Dalith Steiger has a passion for the world of numbers and facts since a child and this passion let her take the path she is following now in her business career.

Dalith Steiger and Mathematics: A clear language without misunderstandings

Dalith Steiger actually studied mathematics once as she wanted “to speak a clear language that can’t be misunderstood”. Now, one could think of a robot type of person – which she is so not. Dalith laughs a lot and has a great talent to turn Artifical Intelligence (AI) into something tangible and almost even human.

AI as an aid to have more time for family and friends

She says that the combination of her being a very family and friends, network-oriented kind of person and the world of technology and here particularly AI is exactly what makes her heart beat.

“The technology available today gives us human beings more time that we can spend together with family and friends, and this is what really excites me, this is what I love.”

Her bright shining face reflects the passion she has for what she does. Her mission is to pass on the message that, used in a responsible and human way, technology and AI can be a great asset to mankind.

The amazing career of Dalith Steiger in a nutshell

Dalith Steiger is an AI Influencer, Entrepreneur, Co-owner and board member of the Executive Board of CORE Design Works, CEO of the Swiss IT Leadership Forum and Member of the Advisory Council of digital-liberal.ch and the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of the Global AI Hub SwissCognitive. The latter was her last baby she put out in the world in 2016. The idea was to create a Global AI Hub to provide world class solutions to issues relating to AI. Dalith Steiger and her partner see the company’s core principle, ‘share for success’, in providing a means of knowledge and experience sharing with regards to the development, outcome, and impact of cognitive technologies. Since its inception, SwissCognitive has connected to over 150 companies spanning 30 different industries that represent over two million employees.

In her compelling speeches, she takes her audience onto a journey inside the world of technology and AI that equals a trip to space. She is an expert in drawing mind-pictures that make the abstract world of tec become real. Because, that is for sure for Dalith Steiger, the real world happens here and now, with family and friends. AI? A means to an end.

Dalith Steiger

Global Leader in Artificial Intelligence, Top Business Accelerator & Serial Entrepreneur.