Ali Mahlodji – in the Forbes Magazine: Refugee Turned Entrepreneur

24. August 2018 – Melanie Hübner

«Born in Iran and growing up in a refugee camp outside Vienna, Mahlodji was painfully aware of his outsider status. He rebelled against being told he wasn’t good enough based on his origins or the color of his skin. Instead, he decided to be the best version of himself. That message seems to resonate with the over one million people using»

«On the day you are born, you are a genius. We want people to have the freedom of choice for the future, and that’s only possible if you see what’s out there in the world, and then you can find your own path»,he said. «We want to show that it’s your story that counts. What we need in our world of complexity are human beings who know they are good enough, who know their own potential.»

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Ali Mahlodji

Co-Founder of Whatchado, Storyteller