Benedikt Germanier – the “5-Premium-Speakers-Questions”

25. August 2017 – Melanie Hübner

Courage for Entrepreneurship

Benedikt Germanier was a leading economist at the Wallstreet before moving back to Switzerland. He threw the expert status at renowned broadcasters like Bloomberg or CNBC and took over the leadership of ZAI, a small ski factory in the Bündner mountains.

What are the core subjects of your keynote speeches?

Benedikt Germanier:

Inspiring people to act, Failure and crises happen, but if you follow your heart, you’ll do the right thing. Decisions made like this are never regretted. Curiosity as a driving force Mutual encouragement and support are crucial for the success of a team and the satisfaction of the individual. Developing a business and an idea into a brand with international outreach – how to make much out of little demonstrated on the ZAI example.

Which audience or which branch do you reach with your speech?

Benedikt Germanier:

Management, young people facing career decisions, start-ups and older people who are established in their careers and/or are in a stage of reorientation All industries in general, since the laws of human behaviour and team dynamics are similar everywhere. The financial sector (orientation crises), research and development (with a focus on team performance), real estate (possessing a mind-set that empowers others makes you a good salesperson).

Why are you a Premium Speaker? Where do you get your insights from?

Benedikt Germanier:

The ability to inspire others to act Storytelling Authenticity – the willingness to own up to mistakes Insights gleaned from life as an entrepreneur and as a person who goes through life with open eyes and an open mind.

What will be in the future? Does 'time' play an important role in your work?

Benedikt Germanier:

The future is an unwritten book. We can influence, shape and write it! Considering the greatly reduced poverty in regions such as India and China and the increasing integration of women into the paid workforce, I believe that we are living in the ’best of worlds’. I also share the same optimism for Europe. We are living in an era of challenges, but also one of great opportunities: I’d like to specifically mention the rising levels of education, the rapidly growing participation of women in the workforce, technological progress that doesn’t just rationalize processes but also opens up new industries, and not least a peaceful Europe!

What is your life motto? What would you like to give your listeners on the way?

"Be the change you want to see in the world. "

Benedikt Germanier

Entrepreneur, Coach, CEO of ZAI