David Katz: Fighting pollution & poverty with all his might with the “Plastic Bank”

29. November 2023 – Katharina Schlangenotto

“We don’t have a plastic problem, we have a people problem,” says David Katz, who founded the Plastic Bank organization to tackle the problem of plastic pollution in developing countries in a serious and targeted manner.

Anyone who has ever been to Bali, and most have by now, is not even in a developing country. Nevertheless, in some places away from the touristy hip places, people still sit together in the evening around a fire in which plastic is burned. Toxic substances rise up and are inhaled directly by adults and children alike. The reason is as shocking as it is simple: people simply don’t know any better. There is a lack of knowledge about what plastic, carelessly disposed of on land and in the oceans, is doing.

David Katz is an entrepreneur and activist and CEO of the Plastic Bank organization.

The organization is committed to reducing plastic waste in developing countries. The inhabitants of the region collect plastic waste, which is then recycled. The special thing about David Katz’s project is that the collectors are paid for their work. This also explains the name “Plastic Bank”.

The Plastic Bank organization also helps to tackle the social problem of poverty.

“Plastic can undoubtedly improve and simplify life in many ways. But wired have lost touch,” says David Katz. “We’ve gotten used to it, we can’t live without it, it seems, and that’s a problem.”

Plastic is easy and cheap to buy and use, it’s practical, and we can just throw it away when it’s done its job.

“If we carry on as before and produce more and more plastic waste, by 2050 there will be more plastic swimming around than fish,” says David Katz. A horror scenario? Yes, and that’s why he wants to do something about it.

David Katz clearly defines the aim of Plastic Bank: to reduce plastic pollution and support people living in poverty by giving them the opportunity to exchange plastic waste for rewards.

David Katz has become one of the world’s leading experts in sustainable solutions to plastic pollution.

The Plastic Bank organization plays a significant role in the fight against plastic pollution and has several important impacts on the world:

On the one hand, there is environmental protection. By collecting and recycling plastic waste, Plastic Bank actively contributes to reducing environmental pollution. Plastic waste is a major problem for ecosystems, oceans and wildlife. By removing plastic waste from the environment, the risk of animals being injured or suffocated by plastic is reduced.

David Katz is also committed to fighting poverty: Plastic Bank offers people in poverty the opportunity to earn an income in their country by collecting plastic waste. This can have a direct positive impact on their living conditions and lead them out of the vicious circle of poverty.

The project also promotes the circular economy, because by collecting and recycling plastic waste, Plastic Bank promotes a circular economy in which resources are reused. This reduces the need for new raw materials and helps to reduce the carbon footprint.

Above all, Plastic Bank also contributes to much-needed awareness-raising. With its work, the organization is helping to raise awareness of the impact of plastic pollution and at the same time shows solutions on how everyone can contribute to actively tackling the problem of plastic waste. The result will hopefully be a change in the way we deal with plastic and other single-use materials.

With his organization Plastic Bank, David Katz not only wants to actively combat plastic pollution, but also link social, economic and environmental impacts to create a more sustainable and cleaner future. That’s a lot and it’s important.

In his talks, David Katz talks about social entrepreneurship, the oceans and oceans and entrepreneurship. His take on things is always different and usually surprising. There is nothing more important than planet earth.

David Katz

Founder & CEO The Plastic Bank