Dr. Shirley Yu: Top-Economist and specialist for Chinas Economy

15. December 2020 – Katharina Schlangenotto

“China can no longer afford to grow at the cost of the environment”, believes Top-Economist and Premium Speaker Dr. Shirley Yu. As a former China National Television news anchor, board director and advisor, Asia fellow with the Ash Center of Harvard Kennedy School, and senior visiting fellow with the LSE, with research focused on China’s political economy, tech-geopolitics, and global geo-strategies, Dr. Shirley Yu is hardly to be ignored when it comes to questions on China’s economy. She also earned her PhD in political economy from China’s Peking University, and her Master’s degree in Government at Harvard University.

Shirley Yu is a leading voice in China’s political economy. Top Speaker & Moderator

Her impressive knowledge about China’s economy and her personal view on future developments make her a most wanted Top-Speaker not only on TV but also as speaker on internal and external international platforms.

Dr. Shirley Yu believes that China’s rapid growth in recent years has had to slow down. It would have been impossible to continue at this pace. China has also learned from experience: to maintain steady growth at the expense of the environment and the human resources is no longer up-to-date. For Europeans, this might sound quite astonishing. Most people here still consider China as somewhat irresponsible when it gets to environment, climate or working condition issues. Dr. Shirley Yu does see a shift, though, simply because it would not be possible to still act like all those factors would not matter. One thing would be for sure: China’s economy knows how to adopt quickly.

Post-COVID 19, she has also started her Business TV Talk Show “Hey China!”. In an interview with “Thrive Global”, she explained the reason behind it as such:

“On Hey China! shows, I want to remove the traditional sense of media entitlement, and the expert authorities. I look for the change-makers, the thought leaders, the youth innovators who are under-discovered, yet are creating the economic and social impacts in China.”

And she adds:

“At the time, in March 2020, not only global travel was completely disrupted, the global geopolitical debate surrounding China also started to intensify. I felt at the time it was important to connect the Chinese change-makers and thought leaders with the rest of the world through authentic, equalitarian, and truthful conversations.”

Dr. Shirley Yu is all about connecting people and businesses, because she believes in the power of sharing best practices. She has interviewed many leading global figures over the years and shared the speaking floors with the leading minds of our times; Alan Greenspan, Larry Summers, late Prime Minister Bob Hawke, former Prime Minister David Cameron, former Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin, and many other leading business and political figures around the world. She says:

“All of these visionaries helped shape my world view in a profound way. I left Chinese media in 2013 to pursue other career plans. But I have always had a passion for media. The hunch comes naturally to me. Today, I can talk on the BBC, Bloomberg and so on about China as a trained political economist. I do a lot of that. But I am also always curious to hear people with different world views who can challenge my thinking. It is that intellectual curiosity and love for ideas that always puts me back into an inquisitive media mindset.”

Dr. Shirley Yu is certainly a great asset not only to challenge our own intellect but also to change the way we look at China and the Chinese economy.

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Shirley Yu

Shirley Yu is a leading voice in China's political economy. Top Speaker & Moderator