Jakob Lipp: The Change-Expert

23. February 2021 – Oliver Stoldt

Mindset management and the courage to change with Jakob Lipp. How important is the right mindset?

Crouched or upright – your mindset is your inner attitude and you determine how you go through life! Your attitude is essential for your professional success. Business without a clear mindset does not work: It stands above your skills and competencies.

The way is the solution.

Optimize creativity, internal team structures and communication in your business. Jakob Lipp: Keynote Speaker and Expert in Nonverbal Communication & Mindset Coach shows you how to develop your way of thinking and acting.

Jakob Lipp: A story of free spirits and encouragers – CHANGE.

With change comes change, the key is to be courageous! Hardly any megatrend has influenced our lives more than digitalization. Now we need the digital mindset!

Digital transformation starts with you: Be courageous and initiate change processes!

Thought experiments – transformation starts in the mind.

Set your mindset to change: For the new business world with its developments & trends – such as new work, sustainability, performance pressure or digitalization – you need smart ways of thinking. The mindset of the future includes…

– illogical thinking.
– Courage, courage, courage!
– Unleashing potential.
– Allow creativity.
– Getting feedback.
– Secure freedoms.
– leading employees emotionally.
– and acting transparently.

Allow change and support others. Become an opportunity finder!

Mindset 4.0 – illogical thinking is desired!

We are what we think! And our thinking determines our actions. But if we persist in the same patterns of thinking, we will be confronted with the problem of not being able to solve complex challenges. Allow yourself to think illogically! Because: Mainstream was yesterday!

Find your mindset upgrade and successfully break new ground – Jakob Lipp’s keynote MINDSET 4.0.

How do you learn to change your mindset? Mindset Leadership for your success: be courageous and learn efficient as well as goal-oriented techniques for agile working. The main topics…

– Neuro-Leadership
– Corporate and personal leadership
– Mindset for leaders
– and Mindset Management

The key to success lies in your thoughts. Dare to use it and you will open new doors! Book Jakob Lipp with his keynote now and take the first step towards change.

Jakob Lipp

Jakob Lipp is a Mentalist & Expert for Body Language, Motivation and Change