Marco Tempest: Achieving the Impossible with Virtual Magic

07. September 2023 – Katharina Schlangenotto

Marco Tempest has been called the greatest “multimedia magician,” and some call him “the young warlock from Manhattan.”

That sounds like the magician Merlin in the 21st century. What is it about the Zurich-born magician who now calls New York home and creates virtual realities as if it were the most normal thing in the world? For all his affinity for technology, Marco Tempest says of himself: “I’m a magician through and through.”

Do companies now already need magic to achieve their goals for success?

Marco Tempest is not sure. But what he is sure of is that new, creative and technological approaches are needed to tell brand stories convincingly and sustainably.

Marco Tempest is undoubtedly one of the fascinating creative technologists, futurists, thought leaders and cyber-illusionists of this time. With his passion for magic, he takes brand experiences to a new level and with his magical presentations, manages to simply conjure away entrenched opinions and perspectives. In his innovative stage shows and inspirational talks, Marco Tempest offers significant insights into the future of technology, causing the human mind to be baffled, amazed, and ultimately overcome boundaries of reality. The impossible becomes a reality to be seriously considered with Marco Tempest.

Marco Tempest discovered his passion for magic and technology at a young age. His captivating talent took him to stages around the world, where he amazed and inspired people of all ages with his unique performances. His creativity and innovative spirit earned him a reputation as a pioneer, always looking for new ways to merge technology and magic to enchant his audiences.

Marco Tempest – A pioneer always looking for new ways:

You-Tube video series that create a new reality

Starting in 2006, Marco Tempest began to make a name for himself as a video You-Tuber. Thus, he launched a series of innovative videos in which viewers were asked to distinguish between reality and the illusions he set .

Marco Tempest has given several TED Talks on the topic of “Magic and Storytelling”, receiving millions of views and helping to increase his notoriety enormously.

Inventing the Impossible

He produced a series of short films called “Inventing the Impossible,” in which he combined fascinating technology and illusions to create incredible scenarios. The videos impressively show how Marco Tempest skillfully merges technology and magic to create a world where the impossible actually seems to become possible.

For his video series, he uses augmented reality (AR) for illusions and visual effects to create amazing illusions. He also uses these effects in his lectures, thrilling and fascinating his audiences in equal measure.

In the video series “The Virtual Magician” Marco Tempest takes audiences into magical performances in virtual worlds. Here he cleverly combines technologies such as virtual reality (VR) and computer animation with his skills as a magician.

The magical speaker Marco Tempest

Marco Tempest is repeatedly invited to international conferences as a well-known keynote speaker, and the list of companies that book him as an innovative magic speaker seems almost endless.

In his talks, the virtual magician talks, among other things, about how AI is changing life, work and society, how it can go about making the umpossible with technology and creativity, or how AI and ChatGPT are pushing the boundaries of conventional technology. Likewise, his engaging keynotes are about the future and how science meets science fiction, the future of storytelling, or how we can learn from the future with technology, innovation, and illusion.

Marco Tempest

Thought Leader, Creative Technologist & Cyber Illusionist