Monika Sattler: How do I stay motivated to achieve my goals?

01. March 2024 – Monika Sattler

Guest article by Monika Sattler – border crosser, endurance cyclist, TEDx speaker, author & keynote speaker on the success mindset.

“How do I stay motivated to achieve my goals?” – This is a question I am often asked as a success mindset coach. The challenge often lies not only in the motivation itself, but also in the factors that influence it.

My self-developed 6P Success Mindset Model presents these six key factors in an easily understandable and realisable way:

Purpose: Motivation depends heavily on the “why” behind the goal. The clearer and stronger the why, the greater the motivation to pursue this goal.

Potential: Motivation is also influenced by how well you can integrate your own strengths and values into the goal. Utilising your strengths not only makes the journey more effective, but also more enjoyable, which increases motivation.

Power: The willingness to take responsibility for the goal and make decisions is crucial for maintaining motivation. Active participation in the process increases motivation compared to passive participation.

Perspective: It’s crucial to keep the big picture in mind. There will be days when you lack motivation, and that’s fine. It’s more important not to lose sight of the goal and to keep moving towards it.

People: If you have support, you are more motivated to pursue your goals. A strong team plays a crucial role in maintaining motivation.

Path: Breaking down large goals into small steps is particularly important. This creates motivating and achievable stages that should be celebrated regularly.

Motivation is crucial for achieving goals. With these six key factors, you can create an environment that fosters motivation.

The right mindset is crucial to overcoming barriers, pursuing bold goals, innovating, maintaining resilience and successfully adapting to change.

In her presentations, Monika Sattler motivates managers and teams to cultivate a mindset for success. The aim is to empower them to set and pursue bold goals – even when they seem insurmountable.

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Monika Sattler

Professional Cyclist, World Record Holder, TEDx Speaker & Author