Monika Sattler – One woman. One cycling record. One mission.

12. May 2023 – Mandy Weinand

Monika Sattler: “Do I stay in my comfort zone or face my fears of failure and pursue something that seems beyond my limits?”

Monika Sattler gave up her top corporate career and plunged into the unknown and uncertain to find her true calling. That took a lot of courage and stamina.

Now, as an executive coach, she helps leaders set bold goals and successfully pursue them. Most recently, she cycled all 124 Swiss mountain passes in 26 days. Her cycling record with all its ups and downs was filmed and is available online:

Freigefahren: A Woman Who Just Does. – in german.

Monika Sattler – Cycling Record Holder, Author and Keynote Speaker

Monika Sattler started her professional career working for the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and IBM. She has lived in Germany, the USA, Australia, Spain and now in Bern, Switzerland.

What it takes to make dreams come true

When is the right time to pursue your heart’s goals? It was a long road, marked by doubts and fears. At 30, Monika Sattler courageously embarked on her new life adventure. She gave up her job in management consulting and, against all advice, moved to the other side of the world. With her: her bicycle and the great desire to find meaning in life. She found it, showed courage to take risks and set an almost impossible cycling record. In 2018, she became the first woman to ride the 3000km Vuelta a Espana on the same day as the pros. In September 2022, she followed up with her second record by cycling all 124 Swiss passes in 26 days.

Today, as a mindset coach, Monika Sattler helps motivated leaders pursue their professional goals and develop into purposeful leaders. She also shares her experiences around risk-taking, courage, fear of failure and respect for the unknown in presentations at meetings and conferences.

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Monika Sattler

Professional Cyclist, World Record Holder, TEDx Speaker & Author