New Work expert Peter Kreuz: We need them, the “Rebels at Work”!

14. December 2023 – Katharina Schlangenotto

Dr. Peter Kreuz is an entrepreneur, author and founder of the Rebels at Work initiative. At conferences and management events, he is passionate about talking about what moves him most: the working world of tomorrow. Wrong, because the world of work as we know it has long been undergoing unstoppable change.

“I believe that the economy has to change dramatically,” says Peter Kreuz, who is undoubtedly one of the most important representatives for the major topic of New Work in Germany and beyond. In an interview, he went on to say: “Applied to work structures, this means that the self-responsibility and self-organization of every employee will play a key role in the future. And I think that’s a very good prospect. The development is here and there’s no stopping it.”

Peter Kreuz: Leading Change from Within.

Peter Kreuz specializes in topics such as corporate management, innovation and change in the world of work. He has written several successful books, including “Rebels at Work: A Handbook for Leading Change from Within” and “The Corporate Rebels: Lessons from the Trailblazers.”

Peter Kreuz is the co-founder of Rebels at Work, a company focused on helping organizations foster a culture that encourages creativity, innovation and change. “Rebels at Work” offers consulting services, workshops and lectures that help companies rethink their ways of working and create an environment characterized by initiative, courage and adaptability.

Peter Kreuz is known for his passionate speaking style. You can tell how much he cares about the topic of New Work and, consequently, rethinking the world of work.

He says: “Managers need to see themselves much more as playing field designers who create an environment in which people can contribute their individual strengths and find meaning in their work. We don’t mean airy-fairy mission statements that are artificially enriched with meaning, but real meaning. And that means listening to people. Listening sincerely and with interest. Understanding what drives them. Knowing what moves them. Anyone who has understood this has tapped into the most important competitive advantage of our time: passionate and committed employees who realize their full potential.”

“Change doesn’t crawl forward, it leaps.” says New Work expert Dr. Peter Kreuz

At the same time, he advocates that employees assume a high degree of self-determination, and this space must be granted to them on the other side. Once you have recognized what talents you have and what passion drives you, it is easier to find your “playing field” where this mixture is desired and wanted: “Many people don’t have a sparkle in their eyes at work and will never get one because they have made a mistake in choosing their playing field.”

The incitement to think differently.

That’s sad and doesn’t have to be. New Work requires a high degree of personal responsibility. Waiting to be told what to do “from above” is a thing of the past. Today’s employees want to contribute their ideas, they want to help shape things and be heard, regardless of their level in the hierarchy.

As an accomplished speaker, Peter Kreuz knows like few others how to motivate people and at the same time provide them with practical tools for dealing with change in their companies. He constantly travels the world to incorporate the latest trends in New Work into his “Rebels at Work” programs. His audience benefits just as much from this, as Peter Kreuz’s talks and keynotes are bursting with the latest news from the new business world.

In his keynote speech “Rebel Ideas: Encouraging people to think differently”, he encourages his audience to think about digitalization and the corresponding changes in customer needs. He describes it as follows: “Change doesn’t crawl forward, it leaps. In a time of hyper-competition and unpredictable crises, even the most successful companies have to regularly question every aspect of what they do.” Peter Kreuz is an ideal partner for this.

Other lecture topics include “Don’t waste a crisis – how crises become opportunities”, “Leadership in the digital age”, the influence of “hidden champions, pioneers and rebels”, by which he means the “heart-blooded” SMEs, and the “jazz mindset” leadership concept – including jazz beats.

Don’t miss out on Peter Kreuz. But only book him as a keynote speaker for your event if you really want to make a difference. Because Peter Kreuz is a “rebel”, he means what he says.

Peter Kreuz

Founder "Rebels at Work", New Work & Innovation Enthusiast