Oliver Stoldt – The Walk & Talk in the great outdoors

17. March 2024 – Oliver Stoldt

In March, I took two weeks out of the “operative” phase and took a short break in Oberstaufen. Swimming, sauna, steam bath, light meals and at 4 a.m. the “packer” wrapped me in warm and cold compresses to activate my metabolism, purify and detoxify. Although I am a total non-smoker and rarely have a glass of wine with my meal, my coffee consumption during the day is high.

But even during such a “break” I can’t do without working. As the world is turning faster and faster and customer requirements are changing accordingly, changes in presentation topics, new trends, changes in the world of work, new laws such as CSR and artificial intelligence templates, it is important to always be up-to-date and “on top” with our speakers and personalities.

Then there are the usual major events such as the Olympic Games, European and World Championships, elections and cultural events. This keeps us on our toes. In addition, our speakers and personalities are always busy and publish new books, strategy papers and white papers.

During my time in Oberstaufen, exciting personalities always come by and we discuss strategies for their marketing and communication. My colleague Sabrina Eissing and Christian Ortlepp visited me on one of the days. Sabrina is a member of my Premium Speakers team, while Christian Ortlepp is one of the best-known sports journalists and “behind-the-scenes string-puller”. During a walk & talk in the countryside around Oberstaufen, we talked about various clients and communication strategies, as there are several projects in the pipeline and the communication measures need to be planned properly.

Walk & Talks in the great outdoors are extremely important and valuable. Getting out in the fresh air to “clear your head” is a great way to get creative and many good and crazy ideas come to mind. Some are feasible, some are not. It shouldn’t be too crazy either. Another advantage is that you can’t be overheard like in a meeting room or conference hall. That’s why I love these walk & talks and do them regularly.

How and in what way do you generate ideas? I look forward to hearing your ideas.