Premium Speakers meets Markus Hofmann

15. December 2014 – Oliver Stoldt

Markus Hofmann is without a doubt a speaker who captivates his audience from the word go with excellent infotainment. And let’s admit it – who doesn’t wish they could remember everyone’s birthday? To “ordinary people” like us, he could almost be a magician. And he is, but the good news is that we can become one too! The bad news is that we need to practise to attain perfection.

Our memory needs exercise!

I have watched Markus Hofmann perform live several times and it is indeed amazing how easy it is to significantly expand our knowledge by applying a few basic memory-training techniques. And expanding our knowledge, says Markus, is more important than ever, despite the availability of Google and Wikipedia. The reason is that lack of basic knowledge impedes knowledge transfer, and we use knowledge transfer primarily in our working lives. His techniques, which retrieve knowledge using a system similar to opening a letter box or filing drawer, are stunningly simple. For instance the “body list” or the “face list”, which helps us remember ten things easily within one to two minutes. It really works – I recently experienced it myself at one of his lectures. The to-do list is stored on the body.

But that’s not possible, you’re thinking?

Yes it is! Being able to retrieve your most important selling points for a presentation without a cheat sheet? Nothing easier! Learning vocabulary with mnemonics? Simpler than ever! Maybe our memory will summon some grotesque and humorous images, but that makes the whole process even more exciting… Curious? Inquire at Premium Speakers about booking a lecture by Markus Hofmann.

Markus Hofmann

The Expert for Memory Training! Think & Act Different!