Rolf Dobelli: The Art of Thinking Clearly

20. October 2017 – Oliver Stoldt

Rolf Dobelli is the man who knows it all when it comes to rationality.

Rolf Dobelli’s honesty and clarity of thought sometimes hurts. Example: Happiness is nothing that could be learned like a new language because 90 percent would simply be a result of predisposition. So, bye bye, happiness literature? According to him, the answer is yes.

If your are one of those troubled by loads of prejudice, Rolf Dobelli is your man. Rarely, someone puts things into a clearer context as he does. There is probably no CEO around who wouldn’t have his bestseller “The Art of thinking clearly” somewhere in his library. “Rolf Dobelli shows us how to avoid cognitive errors,  elegantly. This book belongs on the desk of every CEO”, says Ton Büchner, CEO AkzoNobel – a 15bn EUR company.

Swiss Rolf Dobelli is a novelist, thinker, entrepreneur and student of social science. He neatly shows that in order to lead happier, more prosperous lives, we don’t need extra cunning, new ideas, shiny gadgets, or more frantic hyperactivity—all we need is rationality. Simple, clear and always surprising, he changes the way we think and transforms our decision-making, may it be at work, at home or every day. From why you shouldn’t accept a free drink to why you should walk out of a movie you don’t like, to why it’s so hard to predict the future to why shouldn’t watch the news, “The Art of Thinking Clearly” helps solve the puzzle of human reasoning.

Rolf Dobelli

Entrepreneur & Author