Anders Indset – Business philosopher with the attitude of a rock star

23. May 2017 – Katharina Schlangenotto

“Simplicity is the most complex thing today.” He explains that we live in a world where society gathers knowledge faster than it gathers wisdom. Permanent revolution and change would be the only constant these days. Therefore, we better start to get used it and learn how to play with change.

“Our Leaders of today need the philosophy of the past, paired with the scientific knowledge and technology of tomorrow”, he claims. We would need to understand that our future scenarios will be improvised and created and the only thing we can impact and change is “the now”.

He pleds for a rediscovery of the “the art of thinking”. Basic core concepts from the past could be projected onto the 21st Century. This implies that we need more time for thinking and dig into the field of philosophy.

Digitization – a never ending story

Organizations and leaders would need a “digital mindset” as there will be no end of digitization. It is part of our life and we need to understand that it changes every aspect of our world. As digitization can only be as good as the human beings behind it, we would not only need IT but also more philosophy or, in other words, people with a philosophers’ mind: Staying curious, show interest in learning new things, and (re)discovering the art of thinking.

He believes in the concept of “new culture business” based on efficiency and happiness and quotes Steve Jobs: “Stay hungry, stay foolish.” In his interpretation, hungry means to become better for example in terms of efficiency and the use of technology to improve our lives. Staying foolish means to approach things in a playful way to be able to enjoy life. A positive attitude would help to exploit new opportunities.

His new book “Wild Knowledge” focuses on the complexity of knowledge and the lack of wisdom in society. It is defined as the untamed data, learnings and experiences that flourish in our lives and minds. Those who manage to find, structure and exploit the power of “Wild Knowledge” will excel in business and life and come out as winners.

In his lecture about this particular topic, he takes the audience on a journey through our presumed history, gives an outlook on how an “improvised” future might look like and how digitization will change every aspect of our lives. He also gives valuable advice on how to change our perception and exploit other views and different mindsets.

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Anders Indset

Business Philosopher, Expert Innovation & Strategy, Member Thinkers50