Anders Indset is one of the world’s leading business philosophers and is considered a trusted sparring partner for international CEOs and leading politicians.

Anders Indset is the author of the three international Spiegel bestsellers Wild Knowledge, Quantum Economics and The Infected Mind. Born in Norway, he is one of the world’s leading business philosophers and, among his many co-initiated projects – GBI (Global Blockchain Initiative), Enkelfähig and The European Refinement – he is also co-founder of the Njordis Group and the Global Institute of Leadership & Technology (GILT).

Anders Indset: “Our leaders of today need the philosophy of the past, coupled with the scientific knowledge and technologies of tomorrow”

Anders Indset presentation topics

  • The Viking Code – Why the Vikings are so successful

About a new performance culture rooted in values. Why performance can be fun and how successful teams can also produce strong individuals. Leadership for the 21st century.

  • World Education – From the Knowledge Society to the Society of the Mind.

About technology, artificial intelligence and education. What we can learn from the Viking Code in education and leadership development.

  • Business Makes Change – A Desirable Future

About the future of business and how companies can use the Viking Code to deal with uncertain and fast-moving times. About opportunities, future business models and the new demands on organizational structures and leaders. Anders Indset impressively shows what leaders in business and politics, as well as society as a whole, can learn from the Viking Code. He also outlines how a new, values-based performance culture can become a reality.

Anders Indset: “For Norwegian society, it’s not about the glory of a single victory; it’s about the pursuit of collective excellence, of living with integrity both on and off the field. The essence of the ‘modern Viking’ – can be found in every facet of society, from high-profile diplomacy to game-based learning apps. “

How do we deal with the ever-changing challenges? What opportunities arise from what Anders Indset calls “a window of opportunity”? The leading international business philosopher is convinced; despite the “Digital Tsunami”, ecological collapse, the conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East, we can influence and shape our own reality. He talks about courage to think in new ways and shows how everyone can deal with change and uncertainty for themselves and what role data and artificial intelligence play in this.

Anders Indset’s other lecture topics

  • The art of being wrong – A symbiosis between technology and philosophy
  • The infected thinking – Why we have to free ourselves from old self-evident facts
  • Rethinking the economy – From a knowledge society to a society of the mind
  • The future of business management – Positive progress and the art of being wrong
  • Quantum economy – What comes after digitalization?
  • The society of the future – If we want to understand society, we have to rethink the economy

“Economics is not a game we can win” is one of the sentences of business philosopher Anders Indset, with which he regularly wakes up his listeners. Because he believes that by upgrading the operating system – “the economy” we can meet the emerging questions about meaning and purpose, work and social, work and life.

A symbiosis between man and machine – technology and philosophy – economy and ecology – Towards a regenerative humanistic eco-capitalism. He talks about positive progress and the pursuit of dynamic equilibrium and shows how everyone can deal with change and uncertainty for themselves. “We have adapted digitality into our lives and we are trapped in our taken-for-grantedness,” says Anders Indset. Perfecting the art of being right is increasingly dividing society. The technological (self-)optimization society also needs the art of being wrong – philosophy and the search for better explanations.

Anders Indset provides food for thought for new business models, shows how ethical issues in dealing with artificial intelligence and data need to be addressed through a symbiosis of technology and philosophy.

Anders Indset has been recognized by the Thinkers 50 as one of the future’s most influential thinkers in leadership and business. In addition to lecturing widely around the world, Anders Indset aims to activate his thinking as a “Special Advisory” for top executives, politicians and in selected supervisory board mandates.

Business philosopher Anders Indset: “If we want to understand society, we have to rethink the economy”.

A former ‘hard-core capitalist’ and competitive athlete, Anders Indset finds attachment and support in what is. He understands ‘the art of being right’ as the cornerstone of a functioning organized human life. He also finds support in systems and structures. At the same time, it is ‘the art of being wrong’ – precisely philosophy – that represents his motivation and driving force for striving for a better explanation. Thus follows a close bond between ‘economics’ and a passion for philosophy.

Man vs. Machine

At stake now is the future of organized human life and the survival of our species. What is man, anyway? Embark on an exciting journey from what we thought we were today to what we might become in the future. In his work on the future of the human species, Anders Indset considers three plausible scenarios for where we are headed and how we might meet the two existential challenges of our next decade: escaping ecological collapse and living with and managing exponential technologies.