Global Trends

Global trends keep the world in suspense. They have an influence on people beyond the borders of both countries and continents. “Being online”, for example, has long since become a global trend. Nowadays, almost three quarters of the German population could hardly imagine life without the internet. Other global trends are somewhat subtler, yet they are just as noticeable wherever you go. One of these trends is the fight for attention (this has also become a strong business trend) – through advertising, marketing campaigns and further measures; companies trying to grab the attention of potential customers. Aside from these two examples, there are numerous further global trends or megatrends that have a determining influence on our lives. Find out all about them together with our keynote speakers.

Popular speakers

Rebecca Freitag

Sustainability Expert, Future Architect and Political Entrepreneur

Maike van den Boom

Intercultural happiness ambassador and best selling author

Martina Fuchs

Journalist, Event-Moderator, Host & Expert on Asia, the China Silk Road & Middle East

John Foley

Expert of building High Performance Teams, Blue Angels Pilot

Monika Schnitzer

Economist, Chairwoman of the German Council of Economic Experts

Felix Brill

Member of the management team at VP Bank GroupEntrepreneur, Economist, Financial markets expert

Larissa Wasserthal

Iinternational Trainer, Management Coach and Author

Nils Müller

CEO & Founder TRENDONE "The Future is Now!"

Dr. Parag Khanna

World's leading Geo-Strategist

Frank Thelen

Founder, Investor, Expert for technology & innovation

Suzanne Grieger-Langer

Europe’s leading Profiler

Prof. Dr. Thomas Druyen

Futurologist, Sociologist, Scientist, Author & Publicist

All speakers

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Lothar Abicht

Futurist, Scientist & Expert for Futurology and Education research

Natalie Amiri

Journalist, Moderator ARD-Weltspiegel, Expert on Iran & Orient, Author

Andreas Arnemann

Cyber Crime, Internet Security

Chris Barton

Founder & Creator of Shazam, Entrepreneur, Inventor & Tech Investor

Christian Baudis

Internet-Expert, Former CEO Google Germany, Futurist, Digital Entrepreneur

Claudia Bechstein

Moderator & Business Psychologist (M.Sc)

Prof. Dr. Christian Berg

Expert for Sustainability & Resilience in Business

Jan Berger

Foresight Professional, Founder, Mentor

Jon Christoph Berndt

Positioning / Profiling / Performance Enhancing

Jens Bode

Expert for innovation and creative talents

Cédric Bollag

Aspiring venture capitalist and an expert in the Swiss and Israeli startup scene

David Bosshart

Chairman of the Board G. & A. Duttweiler Foundation, Trendanalyst & Sought Thinker

Nick Bostrom

Director of the Future of Humanity Institute Oxford University

Josef Braml

Expert on the USA, Geopolitics & Geo-Economics

Nicole Brandes

Expert for Future-oriented Leadership, Thought Thinker, Member of the Future Institute Europe, Author

Felix Brill

Member of the management team at VP Bank GroupEntrepreneur, Economist, Financial markets expert

Christoph Burkhardt

Innovation Expert & Innovation Psychologist

Dr. Stefan Carsten

Futurologist & Urban Geographer - Expert on the Future of Mobility

Rudi Cerne

TV presenter, Event host, Sports expert, Podcaster

Arne Elias Corneliussen

Geopolitical Trends, ESG, AI, global Business & Finance and Business Strategies