Friska Wirya is a Leader of Change.

She has partnered with some of the most complex organisations in the world to adopt and sustain change. She brings digital transformation to life by accelerating adoption and building proficiency at scale, having worked for some of the biggest names in mining, engineering and technology. A change and transformation expert for nearly a decade, she’s led change programs influencing up to 23,000 people across 6 of the seven continents.

From the red-hot dirt of the Pilbara, the sensory overload of Mumbai, to the deep forests of remote Indonesia, Friska has experience driving behaviour change in an empathetic human-centred way. By finely honing her influence, communication and persuasive ability, she has been able to get people of all backgrounds, professions and ethnicities to do things differently from the way they’ve always been done before.

Friska’s expertise has been highly sought after at organisations such as Microsoft, Salesforce, Contino, Djakarta Mining Club and S&P Global, and at international events such as Women in Leadership Asia, Future of Mining Sydney, Female Influencers in Tech, Women in Leadership Summit Melbourne, Wonder Women Tech, Women in Mining & Energy Indonesia, Minerals Week Canberra and Mining Leaders Forum Perth. Friska also contributes her thought leadership to The Future Shapers, Thrive Global and Delivering Happiness.

Friska Wirya speaks on:

The perfect persuasion – how to get people to do what you want using the words you say

Communication can make or break a relationship, a marriage, a career, a change – in the workplace we are constantly trying to influence people’s thoughts, decisions and actions. Friska shares best practices working around the world with some challenging personalities.

Key takeaways:

  • The 5Cs of effective communication
  • 5 strategies to power up your persuasion
  • 6 influencing principles and how to leverage them

Digital or die – Driving a digital culture to support your transformation

There is much talk about digital transformation, but the reality is most organisations are going through a glacial evolution, at best.

Friska walks through the change framework she created and applied at the largest gold miner in the Southern hemisphere to achieve $170m cost saving.

Key takeaways:

  • The elements of true transformation
  • Driving adoption through positive psychology
  • Shifting from expense to value creation

No change, no progress: 8 life lessons to drive change faster

A story of triumph over adversity, an only child who lost both parents at two weeks old, enduring a tumultuous nomadic childhood, intense racism and bullying, to overcoming homelessness and addiction to become the woman she is today.

Key takeaways:

  • Mindset is king, mastery is queen
  • Defining holistic wellbeing
  • The danger of assumptions