Artificial Intelligence / Robotics

Artificial Intelligence has been on the advance for some years now. The definition of Artificial Intelligence is the automation of intelligent behaviour and of machine learning. This means that Artificial Intelligence is also one of the mainstays of a current megatrend – digitisation. Brilliant minds, researchers and developers have been working for years on the programming of Artificial Intelligence. AI development has indeed made enormous progress over the last few years. This can most easily be seen in the example of driver assistance systems for vehicles. Nowadays, cars are already able to navigate themselves, keep in lane independently, brake in an emergency and, in some cases, they can already park completely independently. All of this would have been almost unthinkable 20 years ago. There are also countless other areas where Artificial Intelligence and robotics harbour enormous potential.

Popular speakers

Sven Jungmann

Doctor, Entrepreneur, Physician & Digital Health Expert

Prof. Dr. Thilo Stadelmann

Expert on Artificial Intelligence, Scientist & Pioneer

Jeremy Denisty

Co-founder @ Imagin3 Studio, Author & Digital Innovation Advisor

Dr. Annika von Mutius

Co-Founder & Co-CEO of Empion, Expert on HR, Tech & AI in Recruiting

Mads Faurholt-Jorgensen

Serial entrepreneur and best selling author

Maks Giordano

Digital Strategist and Innovator

Ian Khan

Tech Futurist, Expert Digitization & Filmmaker of "Blockchain City"

Edgar K. Geffroy

Future strategist, Expert Knowledge Economy & Change, Bestseller Author

Rainer Peraus

Expert for Disruption & the New Future.

Benjamin Talin

Founder of MoreThanDigital, Futurist, Thought Leader & Expert on Digitalization

Sita Mazumder

Global Expert on eCommerce, Biotech, Economy and Digitization.

Gerd Leonhard

Futurist & Humanist, Author, Founder & CEO of The Futures Agency

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Expert in Music Industry

Dr. Frank Arnold

Expert for Transformation, Strategy & Leadership

Ömer Atiker

Entrepreneur, Expert in Digitization and Digital Innovation

Chris Barton

Founder & Creator of Shazam, Entrepreneur, Inventor & Tech Investor

Christian Baudis

Internet-Expert, Former CEO Google Germany, Futurist, Digital Entrepreneur

Jacob Beautemps

Science YouTuber and Researcher

Jan Bechler

Successful online entrepreneur and founder from Hamburg, Germany

Martin Bell

Thought Leader, Company Builder & Global Startup Advisor

Jan Berger

Foresight Professional, Founder, Mentor

Florian Bernschneider

SME Expert, New Work thought leader and Political Expert

Nick Bostrom

Director of the Future of Humanity Institute Oxford University

Professor Arturo Bris

Professor of Finance IMD Lausanne, Director of the World Competitiveness Center

Peter Cochrane

Futurist, Expert in Technology and the Future of Change in Corporations, Individuals and Society

Tim Cortinovis

The Sales & Distribution Expert

Henry Coutinho-Mason

Trend Expert & Innovation Strategist

Dietmar Dahmen

Rock Star on Stage - Disrupter, Gamechanger, Innovator & Motivator

Gerriet Danz

Expert for Innovation & Creativity

Tania de Jong

Expert on Innovation, Creativity & Collaboration

Jess de Jesus de Pinho Pinhal

Philosopher, Expert on Artificial Intelligence & Technology

Jeremy Denisty

Co-founder @ Imagin3 Studio, Author & Digital Innovation Advisor