Online Marketing

Online marketing is an area that can now already look back on quite a number of years of history. Best practice solutions have long since been developed for internet marketing, social media marketing and search engine marketing. As ever, it is important that the marketing concept is individually tailored to the brand in question. How should a company present itself on its website, in social media or if necessary on the website of its partners? Is it perhaps the case that the internet has now become the most important sales channel? Our online marketing experts have many years of experience with marketing on the internet and would be happy to share their knowledge on these and other topics.

Popular speakers

David R. Bell

Expert in Digital, Consumer Behavior & E-Commerce

Kamales Lardi

Expert in Blockchain, Digital transformation & Enterprise collaboration; Author

Kathi Wörndl

Expert Digital Communikation, (Female) Leadership, CEO-Communication & Personal Branding

Lars Tvede

Serial entrepreneur

Corey Perlman

Worldwide Expert in Social Media & LinkedIn, Bestseller-Author

Inma Martinez

Digital Pioneer in Artificial Intelligence & Future Technologies

Chris Thaller

Creative Lead and Co-founder Anything But Ordinary - Earth Optimist, Storyteller, Purpose Marketing, Moonshot Thinking

Lukas Rössler

Digital Evangelist, Keynote Speaker and Agency Owner

Gunter Dueck

Expert for Innovation, IT & Management. Bestseller Author

German Ramirez

Global Leader in Social Media Selling & Expert in Strategy, Marketing & Digital Transformation

Julius van de Laar

US-Expert: Expert as Campaign and Strategy Consultant

Martin Sänger

Mr. Sellutainment - Sales & Social Media Expert

All speakers

Ömer Atiker

Entrepreneur, Expert in Digitization and Digital Innovation

Jan Bechler

Successful online entrepreneur and founder from Hamburg, Germany

David R. Bell

Expert in Digital, Consumer Behavior & E-Commerce

Martin Bell

Thought Leader, Company Builder & Global Startup Advisor

Christian Blümelhuber

Expert in Marketing, Branding & Branding Strategies

Cédric Bollag

Aspiring venture capitalist and an expert in the Swiss and Israeli startup scene

Johnny Earle AKA. Johnny Cupcakes

America’s #1 young entrepreneur, founder of Johnny Cupcakes

Fritz Dickamp

Hospitality Enthusiast, Digital Marketing Expert, Entrepreneur, Coach & Keynote-Speaker, visiting Professor at various European Hospitality universities, Podcast-Host @ Smack Hospitality, Co-Founder & Managing Director @ Studio 49

Iskender Dirik

Managing Director / General Manager Samsung NEXT Europe, German serial entrepreneur, venture capitalist and tech expert

Gunter Dueck

Expert for Innovation, IT & Management. Bestseller Author

Viola Eva

Global Expert in Digital Marketing & SEO Management

Marcus Fahn

Presenter for events & communication expert

Mads Faurholt-Jorgensen

Serial entrepreneur and best selling author

Karin Frick

Head of Think Tank at the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute (GDI)

Sharon Gai

Global Expert Retail, E-Commerce & Digital Marketing

Guillem Graell

Chief Marketing Officer FC Barcelona (2017-2021)

Jakob Hager

Digital Entrepreneur, Digital Products & Marketing Expert and Author

Matthias Henze

Founder & CEO of Jimdo, Expert for self-employed and micro-enterprises, Curator of the German start-up award

Klaus Kobjoll

Hotelier & Expert in Business Management

Nelly Kostadinova

Founder & CEO of Lingua-World GmbH