Zuzana Pilcikova is a serial digital entrepreneur, successful coach, as well as an expert in digital products.

Coming from a small town in Slovakia, she has managed to become a successful entrepreneur in the digital space in 30 years. Zuzana is, together with Jakob Hager, the co-founder of the e-learning software Mentortools as well as a business mentor at the Startup Incubator of the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava. The platform for online courses and online communities has over 10,000 online courses and over 100,000 end users. The platform helps experts turn their knowledge into an online course and sell it with the support of artificial intelligence.

Zuzana Pilcikova lecture topics: 

  • Nobody wants to be your first customer. That’s why you have to win the first 10 customers at the same time.
  • The absolute beginning of a business. Creating an offer that no one can refuse. The chicken-and-egg problem of a young entrepreneur. 
  • Creating digital products in record time with Artificial Intelligence.
  • Digital positioning as an expert in record time.
  • Create an online course and use it to position yourself as an expert.

Getting started is easier in front of a screen

The graduate engineer knows that for every young woman – especially as a foreigner in another country – one phase in particular is very crucial in the tough business world: the beginning. Especially for female entrepreneurs starting their business, the best way to get their first customers is through an automated sales process. The online world allows complete automation and quick entry without years of preparation. 

The difference to traditional entrepreneurship is easy to explain. With face-to-face contact, the client naturally takes into account who the contractor is when placing an order. Unfortunately, this is often still a disadvantage for young women today. Automated online processes can not only compensate for this disadvantage, but even turn it into an advantage.

Millions of opportunities but only two important factors

Zuzana managed to go from an unknown “incognito affiliate entrepreneur” to a public figure in Slovakia and software entrepreneur. In the course of entrepreneurship, there were millions of opportunities, decisions, trade-offs in which area to focus, which assignments to accept and which to reject – thus also many “lost opportunities”. In Zuzana’s opinion, however, every lost opportunity was a right decision. Job offers and invitations to work together are indicators of increasing success, but you often have to turn them down so as not to be distracted from the essentials. 

Success comes down to only two adjectives: be specific and stay consistent. In the online space, there are an incredible number of supposed experts and offers from “professional agencies”. Your clients have little focus to delve deeply into this information. Fortunately, there is a way to clearly communicate and show your own expertise. Your potential clients will stop and notice your offer if it addresses their needs exactly. And the golden rule says: the more specific – the better. 

Zuzana has a frank way of giving speeches. She rationally explains concrete contexts of online entrepreneurship for women first hand – plus the famous Eastern European humor. Her audience appreciates the unfiltered insight into entrepreneurship from the very beginning and the surprisingly simple solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems.