Start Up

A start-up exudes its very own kind of charm. Setting up something new is something that many people dream of doing. Yet there are many challenges along the way to finally achieving success as an entrepreneur. He or she must be able to adapt frequently and quickly and must be prepared to fail again and again and to simply get up and try again. This requires a high degree of flexibility, adaptability and endurance. It is precisely these qualities that many large companies are in the meantime keen to copy, by trying to introduce a kind of start-up spirit into their organisations. Yet what is it exactly that makes for good start-up ideas, and what constitutes the much quoted start-up spirit? Ask our keynote speakers!

Popular speakers

Christian Wehner

Senior Director Innovation Strategy @ SAP & LinkedIn TopVoice for Creativity & Innovation

Jakob Hager

Digital Entrepreneur, Digital Products & Marketing Expert and Author

Dr. Daniel Hunold

Expert for leadership, agile work and New Work

Maks Giordano

Generative Artificial Intelligence-Expert, Digital Strategist & Innovator

Hubertus Porschen

CEO App-Arena, Entrepreneur and expert digital transformation

Dalina Dembler & Lucia Talotti

Founders of the Denke Groß Institute and experts with many years of experience in coaching, personality development and training.

Frank Thelen

Founder, Investor, Expert for technology & innovation

Luca Emilio Wilms

International Affairs & USA, Expert on generation Z

Jens Neumann

YouTube Marketing Expert, Video Creator, Digital Marketing, Found of Popgroup „Mr.President (Coco Jamboo)

Iskender Dirik

Managing Director / General Manager Samsung NEXT Europe, German serial entrepreneur, venture capitalist and tech expert

Andreas Krebs

Expert in Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Healthcare 4.0 & Change-Management

Tanya König

Presenter for Events, Conferences, Tradeshows & Gala's

All speakers

Felix Anrich

Entrepreneur, Specialist for Employer attractiveness & Employer branding

Florian Astor

Extreme - Hiker, Founder of Digital Startup, Entrepreneur, Change-Maker

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Guido H. Baltes

Strategy and Innovation Expert, Professor & Technology-Entrepreneur

Chris Barton

Founder & Creator of Shazam, Entrepreneur, Inventor & Tech Investor

Christian Baudis

Internet-Expert, Former CEO Google Germany, Futurist, Digital Entrepreneur

Peter Baumgartner

Expert in Leadership & Motivation

Jan Bechler

Successful online entrepreneur and founder from Hamburg, Germany

Claudia Bechstein

Moderator & Business Psychologist (M.Sc)

David R. Bell

Expert in Digital, Consumer Behavior & E-Commerce

Martin Bell

Thought Leader, Company Builder & Global Startup Advisor

Rainer Biesinger

Expert on personal Change, Heavy Metal-Speaker, Author

Cédric Bollag

Aspiring venture capitalist and an expert in the Swiss and Israeli startup scene

Caroline Bosbach

Federal Chairwoman of the Young Economic Council of Germany, Politician & Author

Dr. Matthias Brendel

AI & Sustainability Entrepreneur, Innovator, Leadership expert in Corporate & Startup world

Holger Bröer

Managing Director Bröer & Partner GmbH, Lifechanger, Salesman

Gib Bulloch

Social Intrapreneur, Corporate Insurgent, Author and Storyteller

Viktor Calabrò

CEO, Coople Founder and Chairman of the Board, Entrepreneur, Thought Leader

Peter Cochrane

Futurist, Expert in Technology and the Future of Change in Corporations, Individuals and Society

#clearedtoland Crew

Private Pilot, Helicopter Private Pilot, Super Puma Pilot Swiss Air Force , Aviation Experts, Empowerment, Self-Leadership, Change Management, Communication

Daniel Cronin

"The Pitch Professor", Serial Entrepreneur, University Lecturer, Expert for startups, innovation and digitalization