Business clearly has the power to change the world – but Gib Bulloch challenges his audiences by asking what if we, as individuals, had the power to change the world of business? Bulloch founded and scaled an audacious corporate “guerrilla movement” within one of the world’s largest global consulting organisations. But success came at a price: It ultimately cost him his job, his health and perhaps even his sanity as he found himself the unlikely resident of a psychiatric hospital in Glasgow.

Gib Bulloch Speaking Topics

  • The Changing Role of Business in Society
  • Purpose Driven Business
  • Sustainable / Responsible Business / Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Social Entrepreneurship / Intrapreneurship
  • Resilience / Wellbeing / Mental Health in the Workplace
  • Recruitment, retention and development of Millennial Talent
  • Corporate Venturing

Turning this personal crisis into an opportunity, Gib wrote his first book, “The Intrapreneur: Confessions of a corporate insurgent” to help break taboos around mental health in the workplace and is now a regular speaker at conferences, corporations and business schools on the challenging questions the book raises. Is the current endemic of burnout in business a failure of the individual to adapt, or a very natural response to a broken system? How might we reimagine the role of business in society and co-create a new 4th sector that puts purpose on a par with profit. What’s the role of leadership in managing the transition and harnessing the power of their own intrapreneurial talent to drive change bottom up and inside out?

In 2002, Gib founded and scaled the innovative corporate social enterprise, Accenture Development Partnerships which attracted significant media attention and won Accenture international awards for Corporate Social Responsibility. Gib himself was voted the UK’s Management Consultant of the year in 2008. He is in the process of creating Scotland’s first business ‘decelerator’ on his native Island of Bute, which will use the power of art, music, nature and community to awaken a new generation of corporate changemakers. His prototype event in November 2019 captured significant media attention including The Times and The Scotsman.

Gib Bulloch has a degree in engineering and an MBA from the University of Strathclyde and spent his early career in BP and Mars. Gib is a Visiting Fellow on Intrapreneurship at Cranfield University and serves on the Board of The League of Intrapreneurs. Gib Bulloch is an award winning social intrapreneur who uses a powerful personal story to talk openly and engagingly about reimagining the corporation, the ‘mental health’ of the current system and the role of leadership in harnessing the power of a millennial inspired transition.

• An icon of the global Social Intrapreneurship movement
• Strikes the right balance of humour and humility when dealing with delicate subject of mental health and resilience in the workplace
• Visionary and inspiring thinker on the future role of business in society

Specialist Subjects:
• Re-inventing and democratising the global corporation
• Employee activism, intrapreneurship and millennial management
• Challenging the ‘mental health’ of the system

Speaker Topics:
Authors, Entrepreneurship, Health, Leadership, Millennials, Motivation, Music and Art, Change Management