Angela Oguntala is a futurologist and innovation expert who has been named a ‘Future Innovator’ by the United Nations.

She is a founding partner at Greyspace, a foresight and innovation consultancy. Across the globe, she helps organizations understand and innovate for a world in transition with clients including Google, Microsoft, IKEA, Heineken, Hermès, Philips, LEGO, Deloitte, The World Economic Forum, The World Trade Organization, Bayer and Swiss Life.

Angela Oguntala Lecture topics

  • Lead with Futurecasting

In this keynote, Angela will unpack the very near and far future realities organizations will have to contend with, the forces and key trends shaping those futures, and will share her process of Futurecasting for how leaders can navigate and lead in the face of radical and continuous change.

  • Innovate with Purpose

Organizations are confronting societal and environmental urgencies and contending with how to respond. Consumers are choosing to support companies who lead and act with purpose. This keynote will cover how to lead and innovate with purpose: building not only for what’s new and what’s next but how we work to ensure our innovations contribute to desirable and sustainable futures.

  • Innovate through Uncertainty

This is a moment of mass redefinitions. Many are redefining how work is done, what skills are needed for effective leadership, what we consume, how we leverage new technologies, and even, what progress looks like. These massive shifts make the future feel increasingly uncertain. Uncertainty demands innovation: new ideas, new questions, new visions for the future. This keynote will share strategies for innovating through uncertainty. Learn how to make sense of the impact of current shifts on your organization, envision bold new ideas in response, and build a learning organization not afraid to experiment with those ideas.

From uncertainty to innovation: foresighted leadership in a dynamic world

Over the past decade, Angela Oguntala has been asked to speak on a wide range of future-facing topics. She has delivered hundreds of keynotes worldwide on themes including: innovating through uncertainty, emerging technology impacts, purpose driven innovation, leadership & organizational foresight, creativity, sustainability, as well as on specific domains from the future of work to futures of healthcare.

Angela leaves audiences with insights, inspiration, and actionable tactics to engage with significant shifts ahead, and to critically question what needs to shift to meet future demands.

Angela Oguntala is a Salzburg Global Fellow for leaders challenged to shape a better world and has been featured as an expert on futures thinking on outlets including Sky, TED, and NPR.