Mr. Innovation Lars Behrendt is founder and CEO of the innovation agency Granny&Smith, bestselling author, consultant, influencer, keynote speaker and coach.

In lectures and workshops, he shares his profound knowledge and over 15 years of practical experience in innovation development and innovation methodology. His stage experience includes appearances at leading tech conferences such as TEDx, IFA, CES, CEBIT and other well-known events.

With over 700 projects, he has advised the who’s who of the German corporate landscape. He has worked for Airbus, Daimler, Schaeffler and BLG, among others. Lars Behrendt also lectures on innovation methodology at Jacobs University Bremen, University of Applied Sciences HAW Hamburg, University of Oldenburg, Jade University etc..

Lars Behrendt Lecture topics

  • Why innovation needs risk intelligence?
    How you can tap into new growth potential with the help of intelligent risks
  • One week is enough!
    From the idea to the market in just one week.
  • Inhibition of implementation?
    Out of the strategy trap
  • How do I become innovative and how do I stay innovative?
    How innovation really works and how it doesn’t!
  • The misconception of innovation culture – from someone who really tried.
    A story of trying to become more innovative and the hard-hitting truth of how it really went.

Test before Invest.

There is no shortage of innovative ideas. But successfully bringing them to market seems to be one of the most difficult challenges of all. Due to their size and organization, corporations in particular often find it difficult to really bring innovations to market – and this is exactly where Granny&Smith as Innolab provides support.

The story behind

Lars Behrendt had already been successful on the market for several years with his innovation company Granny&Smith when he decided to take a radical step.

After investing huge sums in his own innovation culture and still only achieving average innovation success, he broke with all the processes and methods he had learned and broke up his own company just to rebuild everything from scratch.

Seven years, countless all-nighters and many painful experiences later, Lars Behrendt and his team had developed a completely new approach to innovation.

Innovation doesn’t have to cost millions or take years.

Within just a single week, he develops realistic-looking new products and goes straight to market with them, developing new business models, products or services in series with Germany’s most innovative companies.

Test. Learn. Build.

Behrendt is turning the entire industry on its head. Learn instead of fail!

Today, Lars Behrendt is not only an entrepreneur, but also a bestselling author and international keynote speaker and influencer on LinkedIn. He bridges the gap between ideas and markets, and is a living role model who has constantly innovated himself and his company.