Teambuilding & Teamwork

Teamwork. In today’s high-octane business environment, there is practically no other attribute that is in greater demand than the ability to work together as a team. Behind this simple term lies a set of highly complex dynamics. Luckily, there are experts to guide and show us what it takes to develop a great team spirit. Our speakers hail from a variety of backgrounds. They have acquired their team abilities in sports, the military or global corporations. Choose the background that appeals the most and pick a matching expert. Learn from the pros how teamwork and team building can be achieved and implemented to maximum effect.

Popular speakers

Géraldine Ulrichs

Founder of Startup Xeem, Future of Work & Talentmanagement of tomorrow.

Florence Schelling

Former national ice hockey player - Expert Motivation, Leadership and Sport vs. Business

John Foley

Expert of building High Performance Teams, Blue Angels Pilot

Rasmus Ankersen

Talent-Management - The Gold Mine Effect. The new "Rockstar" on stage!

Niklas Jost

Expert for leadership training, author and co-author, life coach

Jens Heitland

Entrepreneur & Expert for innovative leadership

Lukas Haitzmann

Adventurer, Entrepreneur & Three-times Guinness World Record holder

Oliver Zeidler

Three-time single sculls World Champion, three-time European Champion & multiple World Cup winner

Deborah Levi

Olympic Champion Bobsledding & Expert Resilience & Teamwork

Clemens Jüttner

The top manager and former firefighter

Holger Stanislawski

Football coach and manager, columnist, entrepreneur, supermarket owner

Carlos Moleda

Competitive athlete, motivator, speaker and spokesman of the Challenged Athletes Foundation

All speakers

Annette Yashpon

Expert in Communication, Charisma & Leadership Skills, Event Presenter, Pianist & Singer

Mike Abrashoff

Former Commander at USS Benfold & Author

Frank Adamowicz

Golf Instructor, Golf Expert & Book Author

René Adler

Football Personality, Entrepreneur & TV-Expert

Norman Alexander

The Business-Mentalist

Mahsa Amoudadashi

Enthusiasm comes from the Heart, Leadership Speaker & Coach & Trainer

Martin Andermatt

Footballtrainer & Coach

Rasmus Ankersen

Talent-Management - The Gold Mine Effect. The new "Rockstar" on stage!

Felix Anrich

Entrepreneur, Specialist for Employer attractiveness & Employer branding

Dani Arnold

Extreme Mountaineer, Adventurer & Speed climber

Dr. Frank Arnold

Expert for Transformation, Strategy & Leadership

Erich Artner

Topics are Resilience, Willpower, Change & Motivation

Markus Babbel

Football expert

Chris Barton

Founder & Creator of Shazam, Entrepreneur, Inventor & Tech Investor

Timo Baumgartl

Professional football player FC Schalke 04

Peter Baumgartner

Expert in Leadership & Motivation

Boris Becker

Tennis Legend, Commentator, Businessman & Coach

David Beckham

One of the Most Famous Footballers in the World

Lars Behrendt

Innovator, Influencer & Entrepreneur - CEO Granny&Smith GmbH & Co. KG

Sabine Bianchi

Presenter for events, conferences, congresses & TV, Resilience coach