With a refreshing and contemporary focus that truly works, Annette Yashpon is a leading Communication Expert and Founder of No FoOol Communication based in Berlin, Germany.

British with fluent German and French and working around the globe, she is an engaged, charismatic, innovative and highly insightful Speaker, Event Presenter, ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC) and Communication Skills Trainer, holding a BA (Hons) degree from the University of Birmingham.

Annette Yashpon Presentation Topics

  • How to come across better to the outside world – communication from within!
  • Voice and Body Language Communication Skills – but let’s start with your Mind!
  • True leadership has less to do with what you as a leader think – the secret behind Empathy while staying true to yourself!
  • Why should I be empathetic to someone I don’t like? – the key to true freedom!
  • What is this highly-esteemed and so-called Charisma anyway? – the mystery behind “A-P-E”.
  • So much talk about Authenticity in Communication – aren’t I that automatically simply by being ME?!
  • My presence and delivery in front of others would be so good if I simply didn’t get so nervous – or would it?!
  • Your endless motivation isn’t enough for true success – why to stop running if you wish to win the race of life!

Annette Yashpon believes that every decade brings new challenges and new growth from which we may benefit.

After 10 demanding years in the film business she steered her energies for the consequent 10 years to her communication skills and the event industry. Specialising as a trilingual event facilitator and pianist for companies worldwide, as well as reaching out as a communication artist in her own right with spoken voice work, singing and composing, her audiences extended to as many as 10 000 (SAP Arena, Mannheim, Germany) and her host countries as far as Dubai and the U.S.

Annette’s ‘third decade’ brought about the founding and directing of No FoOol Communication. As a qualified communication expert, the time had come to pass on her well-attained and proven Voice, Mind and Body communication knowledge and now, in turn, help others grow and prosper.

Annette Yashpon has inspired and aided numerous professionals, leaders and teams to be more influential, powerful and effective in their communication. Her success lies in her courage, know-how and drive, striving ahead from old processes that simply don’t work at a high enough level to methods that truly do make the difference.

In a nutshell, conventional communication and leadership skills – imposing umpteen techniques you need to remember and act on simultaneously – is often overwhelming, creates feigned behaviour and is hence ultimately unsuccessful… especially when our perceived foe, adrenalin, prevents almost any re-call at all, just when we need it!

The secret of Annette’s accomplishment is her preferred used-and-proven methodology of working from-the-inside-outwards: the unique personality and essential values of the individual are integrated into the training process.

What this means, is that genuine compelling and charismatic leadership and communication become possible, impressing and getting phenomenal results even under pressure, also with people we may not like, and definitely without having to sacrifice our personality or values. This is the essence and on-target intent of the modern day mindful communication which Annette advocates.

Her enthusiastic energy is contagious. Whether client, employee, leadership or management congresses, events or conferences, she shares her accomplished approach, highlighting how True Leadership, Great Communication and ‘Power’ take place when communication constraints are lifted. It is only then that each unique personality can be free to stand out from the flock and trust who they are. And this is exactly the confidence that can then be communicated to those around for ultimate peak gain.

Annette Yashpon’s powerful presentations – both as an event presenter as well as a speaker – will change both the way you look at communication as well as challenge, inspire, impress and motivate, together with real-time additional benefit.

Annette Yashpon is very happy to respond to clients’ individual wishes.