Slatco Sterzenbach. Extreme athlete. World record holder.17-time IRONMAN. 2-time bestselling author. Motivational coach.

Slatco originally studied as a registered nurse and then began to work in a health care center. He quickly realized that it was already too late to help many of the people he saw.

For this reason, he wanted to begin communicating knowledge about health as a preventative means. He began studies in German language and literature and athletics. Shortly before completing his teaching certification, he switched to a study of sports science and completed his degree with a major in prevention and rehabilitation.

As the first European Master Instructor for the SPINNING® Program and an instructor for personal trainers, he has trained over 6,000 trainers worldwide.

Since 2001, he has been giving talks at companies and conventions around the world. He ended his own practice as a personal trainer in 2007 in order to concentrate on his work as a motivational coach.

Slatco meditates and trains every day; he loves chia seed pudding and now and then he enjoys a glass of good Merlot.

Slatco Sterzenbach

  • 2-time bestselling author
  • 28 resting heartbeats per minute
  • 1’700 seminars and talks
  • 61 Triathlon competitions
  • 300 Coaching programs for executives
  • author of over 100 expert articles
  • 10 hours for 10 days in Lotus Position 10 days of silence vipassana meditation in India
  • World record 4’030 jumps in 60 minutes in indoor cycling


How does the human organism work? This is a question that has always interested Slatco Sterzenbach. With enthusiasm and commitment, Slatco dedicates his life to companies and people who are ready to change their MIND SET and undergo a mental transformation for more energy, passion and motivation.

With his IRON.MIND concept, Slatco Sterzenbach works as a personal coach to guide world-class athletes, Olympic champions, companies, executive boards and executive managers on the path to better performance, motivation and vitality.

Speeches / Keynotes

The “perfect” participant

Entertaining. Funny. Lively. Authentic. The talk addressing the bestseller of the same title. Slatco Sterzenbach presents numerous techniques for more energy that can be implemented immediately. This keynote speech is ideal for any annual, customer or sales event.

Vitality instead of Burnout

Slatco Sterzenbach applies the principle of “prevention instead of therapy.” This keynote speech effectively builds awareness about every person’s individual responsibility for his or her own health. Slatco Sterzenbach presents this exciting topic in such an entertaining and practical way that the participants are excited to put his incentives into action.

IRON.MIND – Champions think differently

Who are you really? That’s the question at the heart of the legendary Ironman competitions. Slatco Sterzenbach knows who he is – he has completed the IRONMAN 17 times. Why is success not success without fulfillment? How do I keep my focus? Why are crises the most valuable times in our lives? How do I undergo the necessary mental transformation to make change easy?

Internal company seminars

We are happy to create a tailored offer for your company according to your requests.

Fit for Business

The factors for more energy and increased job performance. This seminar can be augmented by a scientifically proven diagnostic practice. Alongside theoretical units, the seminar contains many hands-on exercises to make sure that participants immediately internalize the content.

Strong & effective leadership

The key factors for comprehensively successful leadership.

  • MOTIVATION – Find new proficiency with an effective FTE vision.
  • FITNESS – Find success in marathon sessions with the help of the T&E SMART Method.
  • MENTAL POWER – Learn to direct your thoughts like a pro athlete.
  • COMMUNICATION – Put your power of speech to use for your leadership.
  • RELAXATION – Learn methods to be a smoother, more creative leader.
  • STATE MANAGEMENT – Learn how you can keep your energy level high by managing your strengths.


The top seminar for executives, CEOs and management boards.With kickboxing world champion Marko Rajkovic. This seminar will bring you to your mental and physical limits. Tough, uncompromising and honest.

The vitality camp

The vacation for more energy. This camp is the ideal starting point for building awareness about your motivation, health and fitness.After the seminar, you will live more energetically.

The base

The spring triathlon camp that long-distance athletes seek to master with more speed and success. With world champion Daniel Unger. In this camp, you will experience new dimensions of training. Both physical and mental.


Slatco Sterzenbach has been coaching executives, world champions and management boards since 1994. He currently coaches a maximum of five people per year – individuals who want to be even better. Join this exclusive circle and engage in a year of mental transformation. We would be pleased to provide an individual offer.