Leadership, Philosophy & Motivation

After ‘lowland’ dweller Ernst ‘Aschi’ Wyrsch took over the Grandhotel Belvédère in Davos in 1996, this five-star establishment in the Alps quickly became a hub for an impressive array of international celebrities thanks to Wyrsch’s exceptional management skills, novel approach and courageous decisions.

Bill Clinton stayed at his former apartment during the WEF. Other guests included Sharon Stone, Muhammad Ali, Angela Merkel, Kofi Annan, Condoleezza Rice, Paulo Coelho, Nelson Mandela, Richard Gere, Tony Blair and Angelina Jolie.

At the age of fifty and at the pinnacle of his success, the Graubünden hotelier who grew up in canton Aargau took the decision to break the mould. He left the Belvédère and now finds his contentment above all in the approach to less is more, or, in his own words: “wanting less of everything”. He demonstrates in seminars and lectures how the secrets of his success as a five-star hotel director can be implemented in daily life, both on a professional and a personal level.

Ernst Wyrsch was a hotel director by vocation for 30 years and knows what it means to deal with immense pressure on a daily basis.

His commitment, passion and charisma have paved the road to success for a variety of hotels.

Today he is a sought-after speaker and lecturer for a wide range of events. He shares his extensive knowledge and experience in the fields of leadership, motivation and happiness in his distinctively entertaining, informal and authentic style, giving his audience more than just a glimpse of the rarefied world of hospitality at the World Economic Forum.

Based on anecdotes and personal experience, he illustrates how new heights of personal inner satisfaction can be reached by embracing a customer-focused approach.

With feeling, understanding, experience, courage and being ‘true to oneself’, Ernst Wyrsch captives his audience with his philosophy of “Let’s just say YES”.