Executive mentor, author and entrepreneur

The Business-Philosopher prepares companies and people for tomorrow’s world. He encourages personal and organizational change with enthusiasm and passion. Doing so, he will always stress personal responsibility and self-determination. He is living and working according to the motto: “The only efficient revolution is the one taking place within yourself.” His first book came out at Springer in 2018: „The future mindset. Strategies for being in the game tomorrow.”

Lectures by Jörg Hawlitzeck

1. Future-Mindset: What it takes to be in the game tomorrow

Globalization, digitization and artificial intelligence have catapulted us into an incredibly fast-moving age. What kind of attitude do we need to encounter disruptive change? How can we secure our lead in order to stay in the game tomorrow?

• How to deal with change with a constructive attitude
• How to positively influence your own mindset
• How does lifelong learning work?
• What role do our attitudes, perspectives and way of thinking play for our success?
• How can we use our emotions efficiently?
• Why is self-determination so important?
• Why is mindfulness useful?
• What advantage does holistic thinking have for our success?

The challenges of the future will only be mastered when we start a new enlightenment, profess our humanism and regain more awareness of each other.

2. Agile Mindset: What it takes to achieve agility in an organization

Agility is considered a core competence in order to handle the current pace of change. How can agility be realized in teams and companies? What characterizes an agile mental attitude? What does agile action look like in practice?

• How to develop an agile mindset
• What role do our own attitudes, perspectives and ways of thinking play?
• What does agile action look like in practice?
• What role does our willingness to personal development play?
• What influence does agility have on motivation and cooperation?
• What is the advantage of an agile organization?

Agility can only be successfully implemented in project management or organizational development if all participants realize an agile attitude of mind. The commitment of everyone – including the top management – to more personal responsibility and freedom is needed.

3. Leadership-Mindset: What it takes to lead in the digital age

Digitization demands a new kind of leadership. Control & predict or employee manipulation no longer work in a world that is constantly changing. What qualities does the leader of the future have? What is leadership-mindset? Which kind of leadership is needed in promising forms of organization?

• How to implement executive mindset
• What qualities are expected of the leader of the future?
• Why the willingness to personal development is indispensable
• What role do our attitudes, perspectives and ways of thinking play for us as a leader?
• How do we become an enabler?
• How to create suction instead of pressure
• How to lead with the heart and reach the innermost core of your employees
• Why are integrity and meaning essential to tomorrow’s organization?

The biggest challenge for leaders today is letting go. What has brought us to where we stand will not help us in the future. Let’s throw our ego overboard to make room for something new!