Entrepreneur, Winner "Young European Industry Leader" 2010, Author

Looking at Wilhelm K. Weber’s biography one might be tempted to think that Entrepreneurship has been placed from his childhood. At the age of 14 he started his first entrepreneurial exercise by importing mountain bikes from South Korea.

Wilhelm K. Weber Top Lectures

  • “Entrepreneurship – why computer games teach you more than business schools”
  • “Back to the future – how available technology already could be used in todays hospitality”
  • “Entrepreneurship and Education – sustainable development through the eyes of an entrepreneur”
  • “Free your mind – how to overcome the “Horseless carriage thinking syndrome” in your company
  • “No Excuse – if you want to be an entrepreneur you have to START TODAY”

Take Aways

  • “Wake Up Call” for established and sometimes stubborn management teams
  • Motivation – let’s try something New
  • 100% open about why young talents do not like to work in big companies and how you can still cooperate in a profitable way with difficult people like me
  • Scenarios on how to enable “entrepreneurial thinking” in your company

He continued with publishing an own newspaper, organising ski trips and parties and while many still looked at the internet with suspicion, he and two friends founded a company and programmed early stage HTML websites for local shops – all before finishing school.

His passion for the hospitality business brought him to the renowned Swiss Hotel School in Lucerne – the first of various study topics. Age 29 he was the youngest member of a management team of a global hotel group, age 31 he became the youngest dean of a private business school in Switzerland. In 2010, Wilhelm K. Weber founded SHS Swiss Hospitality Solutions – with a business concept ahere his ex-bosses had told him, he would never succeed. Together with his business partner Gianluca Marongiu he developed the company into the national market leader.

The team has proved in various projects that profits can be raised even in difficult market environments. “We are the “anti-case” to anything I learned during my studies – and that’s what makes us successful” explains Weber.

In addition to various further involvements in different companies, Wilhelm K. Weber lectures at several business schools and Universities, he is the author of numerous articles and two books. For his engagements, he was awarded as “Young European Industry Leader” in 2010