Premium Speakers presents exciting speakers and experts on the topic of globalization. Globalization – the term describes the growing integration and increasingly denser networks linking individual countries and their structures. The degree of integration is growing steadily on all levels; in business, politics, culture and communication. The main drivers of globalization are technical progress on the one hand, and an increasing desire for greater cooperation in various areas on the other. Technical progress has driven globalization above all by constantly expanding our options and means of communication. Modern telecommunications, digitalization, global trade and the internet have opened up opportunities for international (and inter-continental) cooperation that were simply unthinkable just a few decades ago. In an increasingly interlinked world, politicians are called upon to find new answers and develop new geopolitical strategies in order to respond effectively to current events. Topical issues such as South and North Korea, the Syria conflict or the Ukraine-Russia war illustrate how the world is constantly in flux and how politicians must react to ensure a secure and stable global future. The developments in Europe are key to world stability and a secure future. Find handpicked speakers on politics, globalization and Europe here. Please get in touch with us for further guest speakers, keynote speakers and experts on these topics.

Popular speakers

Zarifa Ghafari

Economist & Human Rights Activist

Aric Dromi

Digital Philosopher, Futurologist, Geopolitician, Environmental and Social strategist

Arlian Ecker

"Plastic Free Boy" - Sustainability, Gen Z & UN Sustainable Development Goals

Carina Bastuck

Presenter, Speaker, Coach

Lord Sebastian Coe

Olympic Champion, President IAAF, Chair of London Olympics 2012 Organising Committee.

David Bosshart

Chairman of the Board G. & A. Duttweiler Foundation, Trendanalyst & Sought Thinker

Tomas Sedlacek

Economist - Macro-Economist, Author

Reto Lipp

Economy Expert, Moderator

Jonas Ridderstråle

Business & Management Thinker, Author

Pascal Kaufmann

Expert in Artificial Intelligence, ChatGPT & Metaverse

Sibylle Barden-Fürchtenicht

Author, SDG and ESG Strategist, Board Member

Mohamed ElBaradei

Nobel Peace Prize 2005. Director General International Atomic Energy Agency (1997 - 2009)

All speakers

Isabel Aguilera

President of GE Spain & Portugal and CEO of Google Iberia (2005-2008), one of the top 50 most influential executives in the world according to Fortune Magazine.

Natalie Amiri

Journalist, Moderator ARD-Weltspiegel, Expert on Iran & Orient, Author

Andreas Arnemann

Cyber Crime, Internet Security

Ali Aslan

Internationally known TV & conference presenter

Sibylle Barden-Fürchtenicht

Author, SDG and ESG Strategist, Board Member

José Manuel Barroso

President of the European Commission (2004-2014)

Carina Bastuck

Presenter, Speaker, Coach

Kehkashan Basu

Eco-warrior, Youth Ambassador for the World Future Council, Founder President of Green Hope, United Nations Human Rights Champion

David Beckham

One of the Most Famous Footballers in the World

John Bercow

157th Speaker of the House of Commons (2009-2019)

Michael Bergdahl

Turnaround-Expert & Author

Fatima Bhutto

Journalist, Author, Young Global Leader

Peter Bofinger

Economist, Member of German Council of Economic Experts (2004-2019)

Thomas Borer

Business Consultant & Former Swiss Ambassador in Berlin, Germany

Caroline Bosbach

Federal Chairwoman of the Young Economic Council of Germany, Politician & Author

Wolfgang Bosbach

Member of the German Bundestag 1994 - 2017, lawyer, brilliant speaker and analyst

David Bosshart

Chairman of the Board G. & A. Duttweiler Foundation, Trendanalyst & Sought Thinker

Nick Bostrom

Director of the Future of Humanity Institute Oxford University

Josef Braml

Expert on the USA, Geopolitics & Geo-Economics

Felix Brill

Member of the management team at VP Bank GroupEntrepreneur, Economist, Financial markets expert