Burnout / Resilience / Mental Health

Stress management is the art of reducing or even completely eliminating psychological stress. Resilience, or adaptability, is a process in which individuals respond to changes and problems by adjusting their behavior. In the 21st century, stress management is something that almost all of us have to struggle with. So is resilience and mental health. Many people go to work, are also involved in voluntary work, pursue their hobbies and have a family. Reconciling all these different areas of life can be a real challenge. And yet the framework conditions are clear – a week has seven days and each day has 24 hours. Only effective and well-functioning planning can result in stress being eliminated long-term. Our keynote speakers on the topic of Stress Management, Resilience and Mental Health will be happy to give you advice on how to make a relaxed life compatible with a productive one.

Popular speakers

Holger Stanislawski

Football coach and manager, columnist, entrepreneur, supermarket owner

Timo Baumgartl

Professional football player FC Schalke 04

Marcus Kerti

Speaker and passionate mental coach with efficient techniques from kinesiology

Markus Milla Zuefle

Poet, Communication trainer, Motivational speaker

Prof. Dr. Christian Berg

Expert for Sustainability & Resilience in Business

Marina Cvetkovic

Global Leadership-Expert

Dr. Dr. Cay von Fournier

Expert in Corporate management, Employer branding & Leadership

Dr. Eva Elisa Schneider

Psychologist & Mental Health Expert

Cla Mosca

Snowboard World Champion, Peak Performance Expert & Keynote Speaker

Bodo Antonic

Entrepreneur & Interim Manager

Sabina Kocherhans

The "customer amazer" - author & entrepreneur

Sabine Asgodom

Sabine Asgodom - The Coach with Soul!

All speakers

Annette Yashpon

Expert in Communication, Charisma & Leadership Skills, Event Presenter, Pianist & Singer

Frank Adamowicz

Golf Instructor, Golf Expert & Book Author

Klaus Affholderbach

Systemic Coach, Expert for Leadership and Positive Resilience Culture

Bodo Antonic

Entrepreneur & Interim Manager

Dani Arnold

Extreme Mountaineer, Adventurer & Speed climber

Sabine Asgodom

Sabine Asgodom - The Coach with Soul!

Deniz Aytekin

FIFA-Referee, Entrepreneur & Author

Timo Baumgartl

Professional football player FC Schalke 04

Prof. Dr. Christian Berg

Expert for Sustainability & Resilience in Business

Sabine Bianchi

Presenter for events, conferences, congresses & TV, Resilience coach

Rainer Biesinger

Expert on personal Change, Heavy Metal-Speaker, Author

Evelyne Binsack

Mountaineer, Explorer & Author

Markus Blum


Benedikt Böhm

Extreme Mountaineer, Managing Director of ski touring brand Dynafit, WWF Ambassador

Tim Borowski

Ex-professional Footballer, Coach, Sports Business & TV Expert

Prof. Dr. Ingo Bott

Criminal defence lawyer, Lawyer, Book author, Lecturer, Podcaster

Gib Bulloch

Social Intrapreneur, Corporate Insurgent, Author and Storyteller

Prof. Dr. med. Volker Busch

Brain Health Expert, Neurologist, Neuroscientist, Author

Frank Busemann

Olympic participant, Athletics expert & TV moderator ARD, Author

Lukas Christen

A strong personality leads to great success