Speaker, Coach, High-Performance Philosopher, Mind-Power, Success, Fulfillment, Personal Excellence, Leadership

Diego De Nicola is a Swiss, Italian and Dutch national, who speaks seven languages and studied Economics and Philosophy at Stanford and Arizona State University. He was born in Zurich, Switzerland growing up in the Swiss-German region and later on in the Italian part, before moving to the USA.

After Diego De Nicola graduation he started his entrepreneurial career, founding his first company and consulting others in a variety of fields such as technology, fashion, healthcare, hospitality and more. Diego De Nicola has devoted over a decade to extensive research on human psychology, peak performance, mental training and the human mind (including numerous self-experiments). He is also a dedicated family man and a father of three, as well as a driven endurance athlete, racing in ironman triathlon.

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Diego De Nicola’s speeches are highly interactive and always spontaneous and intuitive. Deep in content, yet pleasingly simple. Often philosophical, yet highly applicable.

Popular topics of Diego De Nicola

  • The High-Performance Mind – How thoughts shape your future. A mindset to outperform others and your own self.
  • Decision Making vs. Decision Faking – Uncertainty and decisions… the art of taking action.
  • Focus! Or Live Blurry… How to transform stress into energy and turn presence into power.
  • Hamster or Wheel? Routine and the power of habits. How they control your behavior and how to break free.
  • Perfluence: The Art of Getting Through – An ethical, respectful and non-invasive method for influence and persuasion.