Expert Health, Leadership & Neurocommunication

Oliver Schumann, born in 1974, studied sports economics at the University of Bayreuth, Bavaria. This laid the academic and mental foundation for thinking and acting in an interdisciplinary way. This was intensified by his stays abroad in Mexico, as a research assistant in an international research project and later in Japan, supported by a scholarship from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. His curriculum vitae is multi-faceted and colourful, including further training as a broadcaster and media stays at N24, in Berlin and in the sports editorial department at ZDF, on the Lerchenberg.

“A fish only feels that it needs water to live when it no longer swims in it. Our culture is to us as water is to the fish” (G. Hofstede) – I am convinced that we find creative solutions to complex problems in other disciplines (O. Schumann).

Dr. Oliver Schumann – Lecture topics:

  • Health: What is it? With neuromarketing to the brand “health”!
  • Habitual units: Curse and blessing. With habitual units to performance strength.
  • Implementation strength in everyday work – Mental strategies from performance and health sport.
  • Leadership: Effective leadership and development of high performers – a sports psychology perspective for business.
  • Deciding.

His work in the fitness and health industry represents a mental milestone. In order to finance his doctorate, he worked as the person responsible for personnel development and public relations for a fitness company in the Rhine-Main area. In his part-time function as a trainer, he realised that health is highly subjective and that psychological knowledge is needed to decipher the mental construct of his counterpart. For professional expertise, he qualified further as a sports psychologist (bdp-asp) and acts as an honorary sports psychologist at the Rhineland-Palatinate/Saarland Olympic Training Centre. There he coaches athletes with a focus on preparation for the Paralympics.

In 2007, he received his doctorate (Dr. rer. pol.) with the topic “Trust in intercultural principal-agent relationships” (magna cum laude).

With his multi-faceted, interdisciplinary curriculum vitae, he became a lecturer at the BSA Academy and German University for Prevention and Health Management in 2006, where he also acts as an author and tutor. The focus of his professorship, which he attained in 2010, is on strategic management, neurocommunication and sports economics. His numerous coaching trainings are the foundation for coaching and team development in free enterprise, politics and public service. Since 2019, Schumann has been training to become a systemic organisational developer.

In addition to numerous publications, including in the magazine “Fitnessmanagement” or the Bertelsmann blog, his debut book “Gewohneinheiten. Understand. Develop. Change. With and without Corona”.

Oliver Schumann said:

“There is hardly anything more exciting and interesting than habits: They are the basis for peak performance and at the same time they are often the biggest preventers of development and change processes.”

Dr. Schumann has founded two companies so far: With being to inspire GmbH, he offers creativity services with a focus on the topic of “health”. With Schumann ACC (Analysis, Coaching, Communication) he offers business and individual coaching based on analyses and profiles.