Martin Bell is startup architect, investor and global thought leader.

In the course of his career, Martin Bell played a key role in building 50 startups at Rocket Internet. As founder & CEO of Bell Ventures, he advises established corporations across all industries on the strategic issues concerning their future. His unparalleled expertise has allowed him to develop his own playbook for innovation, called “100 Task Startup”.

For Martin, “digital transformation”, “agile working principles”, and “startup culture” are not buzzwords, but instead they capture his first-hand experience. In his keynotes, workshops, and panels, he electrifies his international audiences with his deep know-how, his rare gift for storytelling, and his action-oriented aura. Audience members learn new tools that enable them to take their entrepreneurial projects into their own hands.

As a Harvard alumnus and board member, Martin Bell enjoys fostering next generation’s talent in Berlin, where he is based.

Martin Bell Lecture Topics

Startups - What you should learn from Startups

A. “100 Task Startup” - How you can rapidly turn your disruptive ideas into reality using Martin Bell’s innovation playbook
B. “Intrapreneurship” - How you enable your employees to become entrepreneurs within your company
C. “Rocket Mittelstand”* – How to best combine the virtues of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with those of the startup-world (*concept by US author Prof. Hill)

Digitization & Innovation - How you can turn the digital threat into an opportunity

A. Digital Transformation - What the digital paradigm shift means for you and how to master its challenges
B. Disruption - How to withstand the exponential acceleration of product, process, and business model disruptions from Silicon Valley & Co. and how to become disruptive yourself
C. Innovation - How to design your very own innovation strategy to conquer new growth markets

Culture Change & New Methods of Working - How to adapt your company culture in the digital age

A. Customer First - How to apply the principles of co-creation to design the new, digital “Customer Journey” together with your customers to rapidly decrease go-to-market time
B. Startup-Culture - How to establish an agile, iterative, and experimental company culture, characterized by the principles from Lean Startup and Design Thinking
C. “Digital Change Management” - How to adapt your team to the accelerating changes of our digital age by focusing on emotional intelligence, creativity, and mindfulness

Future Trends & Technologies - How to multiply your company’s potential

A. Business Models - How to acquire a central position in your innovation-ecosystem by shifting to a platform business model
B. Technologies - What you need to know about the latest technologies - Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, Virtual/ Augmented Reality (VR/AR), Internet of Things (IoT), and Crypto Tech - to leverage them for your business
C. Mega Trends - What impact do today’s mega trends - Industry 4.0, Automation, Sharing Economy, E-Commerce, FoodTech, FinTech and Cybersecurity - have on your business and how to deal with them

References and Press Coverage

“Martin’s 100 Task Playbook is an idea worth spreading to any organization that wants to innovate. Martin has vast experience in building startups and can convey technical information in a relatable and engaging way. He connects deeply with the audience to inform and inspire. Martin is thoughtful in how he prepares for talks and a pleasure to work with.”
Jane Wulf, former Chief of Staff to CEO Chris Anderson, TED

“Martin’s interactive two-day workshop not only strengthened our innovation team’s mindset and execution focus, but it also provided valuable input for concrete tools and roadmap design to structure and improve our own incubation and company building process.”
Uli Huener, Chief Innovation Officer, EnBW