Mr. Rainer Biesinger – The Fire of Change!

Drugs, alcohol and self-destruction. He was at rock bottom before he found the courage to unconditionally accept responsibility for his own life. His life motto – ‘harder – faster – louder’ still rings true today, albeit in a classic, conservative context. He’s made it.

The dragon and the fire

Rainer Biesinger has always described his own personality as a figurative dragon, a symbol replicated by a powerful tattoo on his body. A dragon with a past of lashing out and using – even abusing – its energy to pursue often harmful objectives. The dragon image remains unchanged, but the manner in which it employs its fire – its energy – has completely transformed. Today it is a ‘Fire of Change’ – a fire that aims to ignite in people the courage to take their lives into their own hands. Unconditionally.

He knows what he’s talking about when it comes to topics such as radical personality change, consistent self-determination and a proactive way of life. He has consigned more than 30 years of his life to the trash heap instead of devoting himself to what was really important to him. Rainer Biesinger wants people to wake up before it hurts!

“What this man has experienced and done beggars belief.”

The Lectures

If you want to inspire your employees, clients and guests with a lecture that elicits this kind of response: “Wow! This guy rocks!” Today is the first day of a better life!

This is exactly what Rainer Biesinger delivers.

The following keynote overview contains three exciting and current themes that will enrich your event. In addition to the themes ‘Addiction is a Crap Game’, ‘Back to the Roots’ and ‘Rock your Life’, ‘The Fire of Change’ will fascinate, provoke, shock and inspire your audience. And it goes without saying that each of these lectures will be adapted to your industry/institution and requirements.

Key lecture themes:

  • I believe in what I do
  • Awareness is my calling
  • I am the way I am
  • To learn also means to suffer
  • I see problems as challenges
  • Nothing will make me stray from my path
  • Sugar-coating the pill won’t make it sweeter
  • My vocation is my Mission

Content and gain:

  • Liberate yourself from the prison of your own hell Give yourself permission to live
  • Make your dream come true and let yourself take more risks
  • There is no magic formula for a successful life
  • Do what you will but harm no one
  • Become the boss of your own, self-determined life
  • Know thyself and stay free!

The Speaker

Expert on personal change with a mandate to ‘kick ass’. Some say he’s the most unusual, outrageous and provocative personality coach and keynote speaker in German-speaking Europe. His chaotic life story – an odyssey to the deepest abyss of human existence – and his own work on personal change grant him a mandate to ‘kick ass’.

He speaks from experience and shows how anyone can regain control of his or her life. And he makes no bones of the fact that he has had lived through a turbulent and seemingly irredeemable past. Rainer Biesinger is a straight-talker whose authentic, unorthodox and disarming demeanour encourages people to assume responsibility for their own lives.

A straight-talker who opens eyes!”

The most difficult thing for those around me is not the way I am or the way I look, it’s what they find out aboutthemselves.”