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What is the mark of an excellent trainer or coach? Alongside a methodical, didactic and professional approach, self-assuredness and social skills are particularly important. The experts at are masters of their craft. They know how to convey knowledge and impart skills in a way that sticks. They are also masters in inspiring and winning people for ‘their’ topic. Are you looking for an outstanding trainer for a speech, workshop or presentation? Simply choose one of the experts listed here – an online trainer, fitness coach or motivational coach. You decide which expert suits you and your needs best!

Popular speakers

Rainer Biesinger

Expert on personal Change, Heavy Metal-Speaker, Author

Patricia Falco Beccalli

Business Journalist, Investor & Entrepreneur, Author

Eva Schulte-Austum

Leading Expert on Trust, Leadership & Teamwork

Daniel Tschudy

Cross Culture Management; particularly between East & West

Philip Semmelroth

Expert Sales & Marketing

Sebastian Decker

Expert in Online-Marketing & Digital Sales-Strategies - Google Future Lab

Ernst Wyrsch

Leadership, Philosophy & Motivation

Roman F. Szeliga

Doctor, Entrepreneur, Author & Ambassador of Humor

Markus Gisdol

Football trainer, Coach on Change & Crisis management

Dirk Sebald

Expert in Digital Innovation & Digital Transformation, Founder & CEO of axzoom

Anders Indset

Business Philosopher, Expert Innovation & Strategy, Member Thinkers50

Jens Neumann

YouTube Marketing Expert, Video Creator, Digital Marketing, Found of Popgroup „Mr.President (Coco Jamboo)

All speakers

Annette Yashpon

Expert in Communication, Charisma & Leadership Skills, Event Presenter, Pianist & Singer

Frank Adamowicz

Golf Instructor, Golf Expert & Book Author

Klaus Affholderbach

Systemic Coach, Expert for Leadership and Positive Resilience Culture

Mahsa Amoudadashi

Enthusiasm comes from the Heart, Leadership Speaker & Coach & Trainer

Rasmus Ankersen

Talent-Management - The Gold Mine Effect. The new "Rockstar" on stage!

Dr. Frank Arnold

Expert for Transformation, Strategy & Leadership

Frank Asmus

Expert for strategic communication, Art Director & Author

Florian Astor

Extreme - Hiker, Founder of Digital Startup, Entrepreneur, Change-Maker

Peter Baumgartner

Expert in Leadership & Motivation

Martin Bell

Thought Leader, Company Builder & Global Startup Advisor

Jon Christoph Berndt

Positioning / Profiling / Performance Enhancing

Rainer Biesinger

Expert on personal Change, Heavy Metal-Speaker, Author

Evelyne Binsack

Mountaineer, Explorer & Author

Dirk Böge

TV and Radio presenter, Event presenter, Stadium announcer

Cédric Bollag

Aspiring venture capitalist and an expert in the Swiss and Israeli startup scene

René Borbonus

Expert in Communication & Rhetorik. RESPECT!

Prof. Dr. Ingo Bott

Criminal defence lawyer, Lawyer, Book author, Lecturer, Podcaster

Nicole Brandes

Expert for Future-oriented Leadership, Thought Thinker, Member of the Future Institute Europe, Author

Julius Brink

Presenter, Olympic gold medallist & Beach Volleyball expert, Podcaster

Karsten Brocke

The Sales Expert