Adventure & Experiences

Leaving one’s comfort zone isn’t easy and often goes against human nature. But if we can take that important step and overcome our fear of the unknown, fascinating and extraordinary things will happen. The personalities featured in the Premium Speakers Adventure and Experiences category have done precisely that. They have ventured beyond boundaries to reach their goals and achieve success, and in the process have created incredible stories that are sure to get under your skin. Unlock a wellspring of inspiration! Inject motivation into your business environment. Be courageous and make the impossible possible. Our speakers and experts are here to encourage you and your company and put you on the path to success.

Popular speakers

Evelyne Binsack

Mountaineer, Explorer & Author

Jasper Udink ten Cate

The Creative Chef - Food Artist

Missy Lee

Pilot, CEO Alaska Floats & Skis, Expert on Leadership, Teamwork & Focus

Martin Jucker

Innovativ Farmer and very successful Entrepreneur

Tom Sietas

Multiple world champion in apnoea diving - Expert Resilience, Motivation, Willpower & Risk-Management

Ranulph Fiennes

Explorer & Author

Rafael Fuchsgruber

Adventurer, Entrepreneur & Author

Rainer Biesinger

Expert on personal Change, Heavy Metal-Speaker, Author

Simon Lehmann

Co-founder and CEO of AJL Consulting LLC

Jutta Kleinschmidt

Winner Rallye Dakar, Adventurer, Author

Lorenz Wenger

Encourager, Diver, Author and Keynote Speaker for Future Courage, Change and Communication

Monika Sattler

Professional Cyclist, World Record Holder, TEDx Speaker & Author

All speakers

Dani Arnold

Extreme Mountaineer, Adventurer & Speed climber

Florian Astor

Extreme - Hiker, Founder of Digital Startup, Entrepreneur, Change-Maker

Felix Baumgartner

Explorer & Skydiver

Rainer Biesinger

Expert on personal Change, Heavy Metal-Speaker, Author

Evelyne Binsack

Mountaineer, Explorer & Author

Anja Blacha

Adventurer, Extreme Athlete - Expert Resilience, Motivation & Reaching Goals

Markus Blum


Benedikt Böhm

Extreme mountaineer, Managing director of ski touring brand Dynafit, WWF ambassador

Robert Bösch

Photographer & Climber

Tania de Jong

Expert on Innovation, Creativity & Collaboration

Zak Dychtwald

Founder & CEO of Young China Group

Lisa Eckhardt

Storm-tested crisis manager & kitesurfer - leadership coach & interim manager

Michael Thomas Edwards

Ex-ski jumper, Olympic participant, Entrepreneur, Lawyer & Public favourite

Monika Erb

Moderator & Presenter

Tomas Etzler

Journalist, CNN-Producer, Author, Emmy-Award-Winner

Wolfgang Fasching

Extreme Athlete, Motivation & Willpower

Ranulph Fiennes

Explorer & Author

Anne-Marie Flammersfeld

Ultratrail runner and graduated Sports Scientist with a Master in Sport-Psychology and Sports - Rehabilitation of the German Sports University Cologne

John Foley

Expert of building High Performance Teams, Blue Angels Pilot

Rafael Fuchsgruber

Adventurer, Entrepreneur & Author