One of the most active professional Alpinist

Stephan Siegrist – The Portrait of one of the most active professional Alpinists.

Stephan Siegrist was born in 1972 in Meikirch, Switzerland; a rural area close to the city and far from the powerful Swiss mountains. He now lives in the Bernese Oberland (Switzerland) at the foot of the Alps close to his family and friends.

Stephan embarked on his first alpine adventure at the age of 11 on a ski tour. It was later on Stephan would realise that it was here he discovered what would become his passion in life. Five years later, he visited his first climbing camp and was fascinated by the sport.

At the age of 19 Stephan completely dedicated himself to climbing. His physical build, his natural ability and hard work have brought him to the top of his field very quickly.

Since 1998 Stephan has been working as a professional mountain guide and expedition climber.

His projects include spectacular first ascents in Patagonia, the Alps (particularly on Eiger where he opened several of the most difficult climbs on the North Face), the Himalayas, Central Asia and Antarctica.

Stephan’s passion, experience and ardour for seeking out unique faces and beautiful summits are what make him belong to the most renowned alpinists of the world. In recent years base-jumping has become an extension of Stephan’s evolution as an alpinist and another means of exploring the limits he is in search to define.