Moderator & Presenter

Monika Erb (1980) moderates her events passionately with enourmous amounts of emotion, a good cup of jokes and endless charm. She became well-known due to national and international modelling activities.

Monika Erb has been active as an event presenter for the last 10 years. Due to her modelling experience, this „country-girl“ feels completely snug and comfortable on stage.

As a result of her numerous visits abroad, she has extended language skills and can therefore lead multilingual presentations comfortably. Monika Erb is married and a proud mother of two wonderful children called Alina and Ascanio. She masters the balancing act between family and work in an exemplary way. On top of her career as presenter and being a housewife, she also has a hypnosis practice where she influences and motivates many individuals.

Monika Erb is a qualified MPA (Medical Practice Assistant), but she worked as a national and international model from 2001 until 2010. Now, for more than 10 years she feels „at home“ being an event presenter.