Photographer & Climber

In his lecture, Robert Bösch describes his “everyday working life”. Or rather, his non-everyday life. For he is usually faced with completely different tasks: Be it as a photographer for an anniversary book about the horse racing event “White Turf” in St. Moritz or as a photographer of an alpine action shoot.

For example, with top climbers like Ueli Steck on the north face of the Eiger or with Alain Robert – known worldwide as “Spiderman” – in southern France, both of whom climb the most difficult routes without any protection. It is obvious that risk assessment and dealing with dangers are important topics in these works – and accordingly in the lecture.

On the road as a photographer for ski action shots in the Swiss Alps, or for a mammoth subject, or for the documentation of an eight-thousander ascent – the situation is always completely different. This lecture is not about aperture and time, but about working methods, commitment and cooperation with the models/athletes.

Robert Bösch, photographer, geographer, mountain guide has been working exclusively as a freelance professional photographer for over 20 years.

In addition to assignments from industry and advertising, he works for magazines and journals (including Stern, Geo, Spiegel, Schweizer Illustrierte, etc.). He is the author of many illustrated books and calendars. His pictures have been shown in various galleries, museums and exhibitions. Robert Bösch is opinion leader of the Nikon company. In 2009 he received the Eiger Special Award for his many years of photographic work. He has published various articles on alpinistic or photographic topics (e.g. NZZ, various magazines and sports magazines).

As a mountaineer and climber he knows many extreme climbing and mountaineering tours in many mountains of the world. His travels and expeditions have taken him to all seven continents, where he has climbed both well-known and lesser-known mountains. In 2001 he climbed Mount Everest for an assignment as photographer and cameraman. In recent years he has documented many of Ueli Steck’s extreme tours.

The lecture on the book MOUNTAINS – my life between mountain and image by Robert Bösch

Robert Bösch, who pursued alpine sports in a performance-oriented and ambitious manner, knows the temptations, but also the dangers and risks of mountain sports.

As an alpinist, his travels and expeditions have taken him to all seven continents, where he has climbed many well-known and unknown mountains, such as the Eiger North Face, Jebel Misht, El Capitan, Mount Everest and Cerro Torre.

In his talk he looks back on his soon forty years of experience as a mountaineer and as an action and landscape photographer.

Whether alone in the landscape, or with Ueli Steck on the Peuterey Ridge, or with the mountain biker Harald Philipp in the Dolomites, or with the kayaker Severin Häberling on the Reuss – the question always arises, how do extraordinary pictures succeed? It is the search for the image that drives him – be it for a landscape art book project or a reportage on a daring sports action.