Prof. h.c. (UT del Perú) Dr. Ingo Bott studied law and international law in Freiburg, Seville and Montevideo. During his studies, he worked at the Chair of Philosophy of Law of Andreas Voßkuhle and at the Max Planck Institute for Foreign and International Criminal Law. Afterwards, he was a research assistant at Werner Beulke’s Chair of Criminal Law at the University of Passau. His dissertation there deals with criminal law in extreme situations, more specifically with the question of whether it is permissible to kill in order to save lives. The work played an important role in the evaluation of counter-terrorism measures and triage during the Corona crisis. During his studies, he was also a freelancer for the Kicker sports magazine.

Ingo Bott Lecture Topic:

  • How to win – accepting, analysing and solving challenges.

Prof. Dr. Ingo Bott is a welcome guest as a speaker. As a speaker, he takes his audience on a journey to various challenging as well as inspiring thought experiments in his keynotes. What all challenges have in common: They pose fundamental questions to the audience, make them recognise patterns, learn and mature. And: Ingo Bott has actually experienced all these situations.

In an interactive exchange with the audience, Ingo Bott uses real criminal cases to show how it is possible to accept challenges, analyse opportunities and risks and, above all, find constructive and sustainable solutions. Using many practical and authentic case examples, Ingo Bott illustrates how it is possible to work out sensible solution strategies when responsibility and pressure of expectations (suddenly) lie on one’s shoulders. The spectrum of proceedings he has experienced and represented himself covers the major proceedings of our time, for example “Loveparade”, “Diesel” and “CumEx”.

Ingo Bott’s keynote addresses how to break up entrenched patterns, overcome resistance and find solutions that no one seems to believe in any more. The example of a child abduction to Paraguay illustrates how to negotiate successfully when the other side is actually not willing to talk at all. In addition to a precise weighing of opportunities and risks, momentum plays an important role.

In his intensive, rousing, but also charming lecture, the defence lawyer, expert on human rights and novelist succeeds in giving each listener functioning and proven solution strategies that can be transferred to the life of each individual. In the end, there is a clear idea of how to take on challenges – and how to win them. In addition to his keynote, Prof. Dr. Ingo Bott also holds day seminars.

Topics Day Seminars:

  • Human Rights in Business – Challenges and Opportunities
  • Compliance and structured (in)responsibilities – How white-collar criminal law works
  • Ethics in business – Compliance management systems, their opportunities and pitfalls

More about Ingo Bott:

After completing his legal traineeship, he was admitted to the bar in February 2012 and initially worked at the market-leading law firm for white-collar crime, where he became a partner in January 2017. With the defence of the main defendant in the so-called Love Parade trial, he founded Plan A – Kanzlei für Strafrecht (Criminal Law Firm) out of his living room in 2018. Today, WirtschaftsWoche lists them as a top law firm for white-collar criminal law and compliance. Other specialist media have also awarded the firm. Prof. Dr. Ingo Bott is a specialist lawyer for criminal law and is best known for his defence in the Love Parade trial. The case is considered the largest trial in German post-war history. It ended against Bott’s client with a dismissal without conditions. Ingo Bott was one of the heads of the proceedings. In the documentary “The Trial” by Dominik Wessely, which won a Grimme Award in 2021, he represented the perspective of the defence. In the Spotify original podcast “Trauma Loveparade – 10 Jahre nach der Katastrophe” (Trauma Loveparade – 10 years after the catastrophe), the Düsseldorf defence lawyer also represents the defence’s point of view. The format won the German Podcast Award in 2021. In addition to the Love Parade proceedings, Ingo Bott is active in many well-known cases, such as “Dieselgate”, “CumEx” as well as the “abduction of Clara and Lara to Paraguay” and has represented the Council of Europe in criminal law matters several times. Through his numerous specialist publications and lectures at home and abroad, Prof. Dr. Ingo Bott is one of the best-known criminal defence lawyers in Europe. At the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology he holds a lectureship in “Human Rights” as well as “European Law”. He is also an honorary professor at the Universidad Tecnológica del Perú for criminal law, white-collar crime and compliance. Bott regularly comments in the media on issues concerning criminal law in society, business and sport.

He is also a successful book author. The renowned Fischer/Scherz publishing house published “Pirlo – Gegen alle Regeln” (Pirlo – Against all the Rules), his first novel in the “Pirlo” trilogy, starring the criminal defence lawyers Anton Pirlo and Sophie Mahler, in 2021. His debut novel thrilled readers and publishers alike, so that his second book, “Pirlo – Falsche Zeugen” (Pirlo – False Witnesses), came out in August 2022 and the third part of the Pirlo series is already firmly planned for 2023.