Dr. Michael Spitzbart is an Expert for Health and Prevention. After studying medicine in the USA and at various German universities, Dr. Michael Spitzbart completed a lengthy residency in surgery before training in urology at Nuremberg Hospital.

He specializes in acupuncture (especially for nicotine withdrawal), as well as preventative and orthomolecular medicine, and today heads Germany’s first medical practice for the healthy.

Dr. Spitzbart is one of the most highly recognized health experts in Europe and an internationally sought-after speaker on stress management in executive roles.

He has delivered well over 1000 lectures at congresses, conventions and symposia.
Prestigious corporations consult him on a wide range of issues related to health management and employee motivation.

During his medical residency, Dr. Spitzbart founded an institute for preventative medicine and biological performance maximization. He applies a new method to improve the physical and mental performance of brainworkers and managerial personnel in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The success of this method is mirrored in the steep increase in participation at his events and numerous reports in the domestic and foreign media. He does his speeches only in German language.