Dr. Christian Marcolli is one of the world’s most renowned experts at achieving sustained top performance. He advises senior managers and business leaders, market leading organizations and elite athletes around the world on how to achieve extraordinary results. The Huffington Post calls Christian Marcolli a “world-class expert on sustainable high performance.” The Neue Zürcher Zeitung describes working with Dr. Marcolli as “the experience that will stay with you for life.” The Developing Leaders Magazine writes that “with the publication of wide-ranging scientific data on the medium- and long-term impact of his programs, Dr. Marcolli has achieved more than most.”

Dr. Christian Marcolli is the founder and owner of Marcolli Executive Excellence, a highly specialized management consulting firm that focuses on promoting personal leadership excellence, team efficiency and maximizing the performance of organizations, and the award-winning author of four business books. In these books he takes a comprehensive look at the essence of excellent performance in a business context and has developed a model for personal leadership excellence (P6PROP®).

Each year, he works with hundreds of clients, applying innovative strategies and the latest research finding. In parallel, Christian is a performance coach to some of the world’s finest athletes and teams for more than 20 years. In addition to Olympic gold medal-winners such as Dominique Gisin, he has also worked with tennis legend Roger Federer.

Whether working one on one with a client, or speaking at a large event, Christian touches and inspires with authenticity, substance and humor.

He holds his lectures together with the former Swiss ski racer and olympic champion Dominique Gisin.