Coach & Trainer for Development and Change of People and Enterprises

Serge Gysi focuses on the further development and change of people and enterprises. Clients like working with him particularly because of his dynamism and his practice and target group oriented way and manner of encouraging and challenging people. Towards sustainable change through self awareness.His philosophy that an employee’s true motivation and increase in performance goes hand in hand with the encouragement of talents and strengths is inspiring.

‘The quality of your goals determines the quality of your future!’

Serge Gysi is the Founder and owner of Roburis Consulting Gmbh, Buchs, Switzerland. He is the Co-owner of Trainers4you AG, Switzerland.

The school of life in competitive sport (decathlon/ javel in) shapes a person. In a target orientedmanner, Serge Gysi accompanies people on their way to change – both in their business & in their private lives.

He is an excellent Keynote-Speaker as well as a day-to-day coach and trainer.