Global Leadership & Internationalization, Author

Andreas Dudas is holding an MSc in civil engineering, an MBA in international management and an MSc in global supply chain management from various top universities in Switzerland, Norway and United Kingdom.

He has worked for over 25 years in top executive positions as a division manager, CEO and chairman across 8 different industries mostly in developing and emerging markets for companies such as ABB Ltd. , Gate Gourmet Ltd, Malik Management Centre and the AF Group Sweden.

Because of his outstanding business performance he has gained a reputation of credibility and integrity, earned through his authentic life and leadership style, and has been entrusted with some of the most challenging leadership tasks from major companies around the world.

He has been responsible for the growth and development of more than 90 multi-billion energy & infrastructure projects that were previously in substandard performance, successfully restructured difficult and failing ventures in emerging markets like India, made them to the Number 1 in the market and helped to successfully settle intractable conflicts all over the world.

His career has taken him to more than 30 different countries in Latin America, the United States, and the Middle East and throughout Asia.

Apart from his extensive involvement in top management positions and as CEO of his own companies, he acts as a key note speaker and has added his vast life and leadership experience to empowering a score of leaders to become outstanding personalities driven by authenticity according to his slogan: “Build Your excellence. Beyond Borders.”

Andreas is the founder & owner of various companies, a foundation, a school in Northern India, and the ALVA Leadership center in the heart of Switzerland.

Andreas Dudas Speaking Topics

  • Top executives in Europe, China and India
  • Middle Management
  • Pupils at international schools
  • School directors

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