Extreme Climber, Sparring Partner, Author & top Speaker

Rainer Petek – the mountain guide for north faces in your business.

Rainer Petek is an author, speaker and extreme mountaineer. As a 19-year-old, he climbed the north face of the Grandes Jorasses – one of the most difficult faces in the Alps. The studied organization developer knows: On the mountain and in the company it is above all about the highest reliability and the courage to use emerging opportunities prudently.

With a lot of humor, strong analogies and impressive pictures from vertical rock faces, Rainer Petek makes you want to experience the unknown and proves to be the perfect source of inspiration for all questions concerning leadership and change. The author of six books inspires on stage with powerful thought-provoking impulses from the North Face and brings solution approaches for complex business issues to the point. Rainer Petek inspires his audience with lasting effect and encourages executives and teams in phases of upheaval to tackle their entrepreneurial North Face.

Rainer Petek presentation topics

Do you want more clarity, commitment and collaboration in your team? Rainer Petek’s clients spend more time looking at the world from the top – more time thinking strategically, innovating, building relationships and inspiring colleagues, employees and partners.

If you’re annoyed by the number of meetings you attend and the time you spend on divisional and departmental collaboration, or the wasted weekends fighting flashpoints in your organization, Rainer Petek is for you.

Spend a few moments learning more about Rainer Petek’s unique approach and track record with other great companies like yours.

THE NORTHWALL PRINCIPLE: In the uncertain, above all, lie opportunities.

  • New thinking, new action, new ways to go: How to find your way into the future when plans and recipes fail.
  • How to leave familiar terrain with your team and enter uncharted entrepreneurial territory.
  • How to turn uncertainty into certainty with maximum reliability and clever experiments – step by step

LEADERSHIP: Leading by the long rope on the North Face

  • The best route to true leadership: How to successfully establish self-leadership across the organization
  • What attitudes and skills leaders need today to succeed under volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity
  • How to lead skillfully with the long rope and achieve the interaction of all leaders in line with the corporate strategy

CHANGE: On the north face, suddenly everything can be different

  • The most effective route to lived change spirit: How to develop your organization’s capacity for change and create a framework for renewal and transformation
  • How to work best with existing forces and set in motion a dynamic spiral of change in your company – for continuous change in the here and now
  • How to give your employees confidence in dealing with uncertainty

INNOVATION: There are no trails in the North Face.

  • The shortest route to out-of-the-box thinking and action: Why the prompt “Think new!” doesn’t work and why you can only change old thinking with transformative experiences.
  • Experimentation instead of plans and entrepreneurship instead of doing things by the book: Why you should provoke smart, (and cheap) mistakes at the beginning.
  • Enough fun: How to then flip the switch to reliability and precision in execution to avoid unauthorized (and costly) mistakes.

TEAMWORK: On the north face, it’s all about the rope team

  • The fastest route to excellent team results: Why you shouldn’t start with goals and team spirit, but with understanding the challenge and what’s needed.
  • Developing common purpose: How to rally people behind a common cause and build the energy to act decisively.
  • When the hour of the experts strikes: Why regulated and standardized processes are not enough in the most difficult moments and what you should regulate instead.

Are you ready to leave base camp and reach the summit of business success? Rainer Petek has combined his invaluable insights from formative moments in extreme mountaineering with more than 20 years of experience in change management and leadership development. Benefit from this.

Rainer Petek References

Daimler AG, Credit Suisse Group, adidas, Deloitte Consulting GmbH, Deutsche Telekom AG, Hewlett Packard, AOK-Systems GmbH, BMW Group, Deutsche Lufthansa AG, Donau-Universität Krems, IBM Austria, LGT Bank, A 1 Mobilkom Austria, Nokia Siemens Networks, Otto GmbH & Co KG, Siemens AG and many more.

Customer testimonials

“Rainer Petek’s North Face Principle is a powerful and original approach to finding new ways in challenging business situations.” Prof. KR Friedrich Macher, CEO GRAMPETCARGO Austria

“Managing the uncertain – even the selection of a speaker always has something to do with uncertainty for an organizer. One day after our event, we have the certainty: you have inspired and indeed 1,200 colleagues.” Matthias Schenkel, Corporate Communications, Kreissparkasse Ludwigsburg