Coach and Keynote Speaker for Transformation processes, Expectation management, Personal development & Communication

Bianca-Maria Klein: “I love change and people are my home!”

Bianca-Maria Klein was born into the medical world: her father, a well-known cardiologist, took her on international trips and conventions as a child. For Bianca-Maria, it was obvious that she would shape her career in the medical field. Thanks to her Italian mother, she grew up bilingual, speaking fluent German, Italian, English, French and Spanish.

Her 20-year international career with corporations such as Boston Scientific, among others, as a sales, research & marketing executive, has taken her to the USA, Belgium, Italy & Switzerland and has significantly shaped her in dealing with personal change and corporate transformation.

Additionally, Bianca-Maria is trained in systemic, – team and solution focused coaching (certification ICF). As a certified keynote speaker with international training, she is a member of the German Speakers Association and Global Speakers Federation.

After her professional experience in responsible positions in international medical technology with personnel management, she is now active as a speaker, coach and trainer. She is passionate about supporting companies and executives in the transformation process – and is happy to share her own personal experiences with them.

Her conviction is that transformation can only be successfully mastered if the following three areas receive the utmost attention: company culture, leadership style and external and internal communication. In doing so, Bianca-Maria focuses on active “expectation management” in order to clarify demands, expectations and goals of the different communication levels and thus make successful change possible.

Bianca-Maria Klein Lecture Topics

Expectations – The killer of success? Implementing transformation processes successfully with “Expectation Management”

  • How to make transformation processes more successful.
  • Looking at expectations from different perspectives helps to broaden your scope of action.
  • How the “black box method” supports you in communicating with colleagues and customers.


  1. Life is full of interpersonal expectations. In organizations, this becomes especially clear when transformation processes do not lead to the desired result or even fail.
  2. With active expectation management, requirements, expectations and goals of the different communication levels are clarified, and thus successful changes are made possible.
  3. In order to successfully implement transformation processes, the following areas must receive the highest attention:  Company culture, leadership style and communication – both internally and externally – and at all levels.

Volatile times and continually new challenges: what does it really take to successfully change a team?

  • How your team “vision” really works
  • How to transform fear into courage and personal responsibility
  • Using the “Fearless Method” to empower yourself and your employees


  1. A vision only helps if employees can “see” it and identify with it, in order to be motivated to “live” the company’s mission and values.
  2. Clarity, responsibility and trust of the team can replace the (often created) fear of change processes (and VUCA) if expectations and demands are clarified and transparent. 
  3. Ownership can be trained to keep a committed and productive team.

“You only die once”: have you already or are you still finding your “purpose”?

  • How role models motivate your employees
  • Finding your own “what for” and “why” with 6 questions
  • At the end of life you don’t want to have any regrets


  1. Being an inspiration or role model for others empowers yourself as well as employees.
  2. What you can do if you still don’t know your own why (the famous “purpose”) and also don’t know where to start searching?
  3. You only die once, but you can live and start anew every day – you and your employees too!

Leadership: How do I actually become and remain a good leader?”

  • Why you should think twice about becoming a leader
  • Dos and Don’ts of a real “leader”
  • What expectation management has to do with leadership


  1. Not everyone wants to be a leader. And not everyone is suited for it. And what if you want to develop in the company anyway?
  2. What are the things that a leader should absolutely master (or let go of)?
  3. How proactively managing expectations and communicating at all levels becomes the key to success. 

“I want to accompany people in getting to know their inner superhero and in doing so master life with strength, patience and courage – including changes and expectations!” – Bianca-Maria Klein

Professional experience, qualifications, certifications:

  • 20 years of professional experience in the management of international companies in the medical technology, medical & pharmaceutical industries.
  • Many years of experience, among other things, as a manager in the areas of sales, research & marketing
  • Extensive international experience through professional functions abroad in the USA, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy and Spain
  • Training as systemic coach, change manager, trainer, business facilitator (DVCT)
  • Training as ICF-certified coach for solution-oriented short-term coaching (ICF) and team coaching (ACC)
  • Speaker training with “Greator”, “Tobias Beck Academy and “Swiss Academy

Bianca-Maria Klein gives her lectures in German, English and Italian. In addition, she speaks Spanish and French.