Expert for leadership training, author and co-author, life coach

“Having protective boundaries in place is essential to life and certainly to survival, as they determine whether or not you achieve success.” –  Niklas Jost also had to learn this lesson first.

He started his career as a fitness and personal trainer. As a student of sports science, Niklas Jost was responsible for managing bungee events in Austria’s largest event agency throughout Germany. In numbers, that meant 5 years of responsibility for several thousand jumpers and hundreds of animation team stunt jumps. So it was always a matter of life and death. And about savoring the success in the incomparable feeling of happiness that comes when you have overcome.

But not only for customers and team – also for himself he had to deal intensively with the technical, mental and psychological limits of bungee jumping. A bungee jump is like real life: The jumper makes a decision. A decision that requires courage and the willingness to endure fear. And one that holds a reward in store that the jumper doesn’t yet know about. So he has to decide for a YES or a NO, with everything that goes with it: the courage, the fear, the despair, and the possible disappointment – or the pride and the ecstasy. It doesn’t matter whether you jump from a height of 60 or 194 meters – or whether you let it go. As the person in charge of his bungee stunt crew, as well as for him as a stunt jumper, assessing risk and limits of feasibility each and every time was vital to his survival. Also mentally.

Niklas Jost – Expert for leadership training

Niklas Jost was later able to build on his leadership experience in several management positions at renowned fitness clubs. One of the highlights was working for the Berlin branch of one of Europe’s trendsetting fitness and lifestyle clubs with responsibility for 60 employees.

Here he not only discovered the advantages of kinesiology for his work as a personal coach. He also encountered the superiority of the subconscious consciously for the first time. At the same time, he learned about the possibility of concretely controlling the subconscious through the conscious.

With these experiences as a coach and trainer in his luggage, Niklas Jost was able to advise smaller service companies for four years on the topics of communication, conflict management and sales. After that, he was a partner entrepreneur with several branches in a franchise system for over ten years. Also in this phase he was able to inspire with seminars on communication, conflict management and especially sales. Countless employee, coaching and consulting sessions have shown him that setting boundaries not only determines quality of life, but also success. That many people struggle with it massively every day and that health also depends on it. Niklas Jost decided to get to the bottom of it, had numerous conversations with professionals, observed and educated himself.

As an entrepreneur, he has taken the freedom to devote himself to what is close to his heart. Years ago he left the operational business and followed his vision. But even that was not enough for him. In order to gain new freedom and for even more energy for his family, he sold his companies. This enabled him to additionally look for new opportunities that would best support his vision.

The lecture topics are tailored to private and professional success. Individual consideration is also given to professional directions in the areas of corporate, team and employee leadership, as well as the success of each employee.

More specifically, the following topics are covered:

  • Leadership made easy – your NO as a turbo booster for your YES
  • Team leadership: Why and how your NO makes the team successful
  • Success through team power and clarity – your NO counts
  • Freedom through boundaries – Your YES to the NO
  • The healthy way to set limits for your success: How your NO is often needed to make the YES possible

It was only when Niklas Jost learned to draw protective boundaries and tear down restrictive ones that the way was cleared for long-cherished dreams – whether on stage, as an author or in front of the camera. It was only then that he was able to surround himself with people who enriched him.

This also applies to the freedom to serve people, to inspire you, too, to rethink your own boundary-setting. In order to come a little closer to the fulfillment of your goals.

With the slogan FREEDOM THROUGH BOUNDARIES – YOUR YES TO NO, take your own life into your own hands and enjoy it. Be less determined by others.